American made Flooring can be found here on your source for all things made in the USA. When you are remodeling or building your dream home don’t forget that where the material come from counts. There are many types of flooring for you to select from and we hope that being American made is one of the criteria you use.

Flooring is a huge business in the United States and it is time for American workers to get a piece of that pie too. Big business including some of the huge brand names you see advertising every day in various media outlets import ultra cheap imports and sell them at premium prices. Just a few years ago one of the biggest importers of flooring was caught red handed lying about the origin of their flooring and then another was caught breaking the law and importing flooring full of formaldehyde. The company that was caught just flat lied about their products but look who pays the price. People living with dangerous substances in their home and workers who don’t have jobs any more.

Look for the American made label and don’t get taken in from a big marketing lie and end up with dangerous flooring in your dream home. Use a company like one of those featured here in our Flooring Made in the USA directory. Check them all out before you decide.


ModuTile offers interlocking floor tiles in various colors and patterns for use as garage flooring and basement flooring. The tiles interlock with a loop-to-peg system that makes them easy to install. The tiles are used in a variety of other applications such as trade show flooring, portable dance floors and much more.  Texas Proud! Made in the USA.

American Made Flooring Texas

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Select Hardwood Floor Company

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American Made Flooring California

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