No longer can you count on the old brand names of food storage being made in the USA. Most of the iconic names we have all grown up with are sadly no longer made domestically. Part of our mission at Americans Working of course is to identify great companies right here at home making products we need. While our selection of food storage products is still pretty small we are always looking to grow this and other categories.

The American made movement is a true grass roots endeavor and we invite you to alert us of great companies you think should be listed here. Please use the contact use form and tell us about a company you have found. Most of the sites we have listed were referrals and every effort will be made to list them quickly.

milk crates made in the usa

High Strength and Quality New Milk Crates Made in USA.

Milk Crates Direct – High Strength and Quality New Milk Crates in Various Colors at Best Prices Made in USA. These Crates are a great way to store and organize a multitude of items around you home or business, they stack and nest on top of each other. They can withstand the elements, can be used as a stepping stool or building a support for a stage, etc… Everybody has seen these around, they have been used by all dairies across our great land for many decades.

Food storage, Packaging and Boxes, Sheds and Storage New Jersey

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