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Medi-Rub Corporation

Medi-Rub Corporation of California Medi-Rub® Corporation is celebrating 34 years of manufacturing our foot and body massagers in America. This accomplishment and our success stems from value and integrity of the product, and the endorsement of the medical industry.  The company was founded by Yolanda Holly and has a single manufacturing facility located in the beautiful west coast, San Clemente, California.  The state of the art motor was designed to promote the maximum amount of blood circulation in the least amount of time. The Medi-Rub ®massagers, are one of a kind, non invasive and built for strength and durability. Although, […]

Foot Massagers California

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Zendulum Foot Massager

Zendulum Foot Massager Tired feet? Here’s some help. The Zendulum Foot Massager is specifically designed to help relax and soothe aching feet and muscles. Our solid-steel, USA manufactured foot roller is ideal for use in the home, office, or at rehabilitation facilities. All design, components, and manufacturing are proudly done in the USA. Shop local

Foot Massagers

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