When you work in your yard you want tools built to last and take a beating. What you want is American made garden tools and products. Buying garden products made in the USA not only helps your garden grow it helps the economy grow. American made, Americans paid.


Ceardai is an online store selling American made wrought iron household and outdoor products hand made in New York. Our wide selection of finely crafted products includes wall art, kitchen cabinet hardware and other kitchen accessories, bathroom dcor, plant hangers, garden stakes, curtain rods with coordinated accessories, and much more. Electrical switch and outlet covers are custom made in over 20 decorative silhouettes. House signs and lawn plaques can be personalized with your name or address. Visit today to find the perfect wrought iron piece for your home or garden, proudly made in the USA.


All Kitchen Items, Decorative garden items, Home Decor New York

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Dura-Loop Hose Hangers

Dura-Loop Hose Hangers Our line of stainless steel hose hangers have multiple uses. Mostly used in warehouses, machine shops and other industrial settings. However, many home owners prefer a heavy duty hanger for garages and workshops.


Hose Hangers

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Garden Green Products

Garden Green Products  of Maine makes The Boomer Beds so you can grow the easier way? The new Boomer Bed raised garden bed system requires NO tools-All Assembled. Perfect for vegetables,herbs and flowers right at your backdoor! Save money, eat healthy!


Raised Garden Beds Maine

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Glamos Wire Products

Glamos Wire Products offers a wide range of products for lawn, garden and floral applications. Included you will find plant supports, border fence as well as many seasonal items to liven up your lawn and garden.


Decorative garden items, Garden Products, Miscellaneous Garden, Plant Supports and Wire Fences

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Kadco USA

Kadco USA Made in the USA with quality parts to last a lifetime. Buy with confidence knowing all the raw materials and components are sourced from the USA


Dock Carts, Dock Floats, Garden Carts, Lawn Tractor Trailers

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Master Industries

Master Industries is family-owned and operated in Thibodaux, Louisiana. We have attempted, and we believe, succeeded to create the best water nozzle available, the Master Water Nozzle which will exceed expectations in durability and performance. What we wanted to major on was a product that businesses and homeowners would be proud to own and it would be like the good ole days when the time comes you can hand this nozzle down from generation to generation. We also wanted to inspire people to believe again in the words, Made in the USA. The Master Water Nozzle is of very high […]


Water Nozzles Louisiana

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Mighty Max Carts

Mighty Max Carts are made 100% in Texas, and replace a wheel barrow, dump cart, two-wheel dolly, beach cart, boat dock cart, flatbed, and many other garden carts.  It transforms into all kinds of carts & caddies.  Awarded Two US Patents, and 100% designed and tested by Americans.  There is not another more versatile cart on the market today.  Only weighs 22 pounds, but can carry over 500 pounds. Collapses to fit in any car trunk, expands to fit ANY size ice chest, pet carrier or boxes, can connect two or more carts together in tandem, double stack the tubs, […]


Garden Carts, Garden Tools Texas

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My Little Garden Barrel Company

My Little Garden Barrel Company of Kansas owns the design and aluminum mold for our very unique and innovative container gardening product called the “My Little Garden Barrel” planter. Our custom planters are 100% produced here in the USA. They are extremely well made from an FDA approved resin that will last for many years and can be left outside year around without fear of freezing or cracking. Each of our custom planters hold up to 22 plants and contain a center watering tube. They come in three very attractive colors; Brown Sandstone, Gray Granite & Solid Chocolate Brown.


Garden Products, Planters Kansas

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Oh Crow

Oh Crow of NY It’s the original floating rain gauge! Based on the Archimedean principle of water displacement, the unbreakable , easy-read measurement tube rises to show water accumulation. The award-winning World’s Coolest Rain Gauge™ is made entirely in the USA. It’s practical, fun…and very cool! Available in ground stake, deck/fence mount or tabletop models.


Miscellaneous Garden

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Scag Power Equipment

Scag Power Equipment has manufactured “Simply the Best” commercial mowers money can buy. Scag Power Equipment’s innovation and attention to quality is known and respected throughout the commercial power equipment industry. If you are looking for the highest quality, best built commercial lawn mower made in the USA, look no further.


Lawn Tractor Trailers

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Sprinkler Buddy

Sprinkler Buddy saves Time, Money, and Water.  Sprinkler Buddy, a lawn sprinkler head indicator, Made in USA from recycled materials custom fits lawn sprinkler head rotors and spray heads. Sprinkler Buddy keeps lawn sprinkler head pop-ups visible allowing lawn care professionals or home owners to locate sprinkler heads avoiding accidental damage due to routine lawn maintenance.  Sprinkler Buddy was invented by a lawn care professional and is manufactured and distributed by RyRo, Inc., a Veteran owned corporation. See our independent product review on our website.


Sprinkler Systems

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The Mingo

The Mingo The Ultimate Firewood Cutting Accessory The Mingo® is an effective paint-marking tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Simply hold the comfort grip handle and roll the unit along ANY surface. The Mingo® is a measuring tape and marking stick all in one. THE MINGO® with 4 different wheels will measure and mark 6, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 24 inch increments. The Mingo® is sold standard with one (1) 16 inch marking wheel & one (1) Trigger (Trigger is compatible with all marking wheels).


Wood Cutting Tools

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