I learned the hard way that we all need a generator from time to time. When the power goes they sure are nice to have. When you buy an American Made generator you create power in two ways electricity for yourself and jobs for the country. Buy American, bye bye imports.

Hurricanes – Floods

There will always be Hurricanes – Floods – Tornado’s – Earthquakes – Fires – Grid Failures and unforeseen Calamity. Crank-a-Watt(TM) products are about self reliance, plain and simple. Taking responsibility for yourself and your family. Crank-a-Watt(TM) products deliver Peace of Mind, in Troubled Times.

Portable and Emergency Generators

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Winpower was founded in 1925 and produced devices for generating electricity using the wind to power them. Through the years Winpower has continually diversified products lines and marketing channels. In World War II Winpower produced thousands of 1.5 kW DC and 5 kW AC generators for the Corps of Engineers. At the beginning of the Cold War, Winpower supplied thousands of 15 kW Civil Defense generators. Many are still going strong today providing backup power for the Government, small municipalities, and standby for small community wells & lift stations.In the 1950’s, Winpower introduced its most successful and enduring line, the […]


Generators Minnesota

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