We have a directory of American made glasses and tumblers for you to select from. Like many people you are probably looking for glasses made in the USA. So many of us are tired of supporting companies that rely on cheap foreign labor to produce goods they sell in America.

Glasses and Tumblers come in many different shapes and sizes. Tumblers come in many different materials as well, some are plastic or acrylic. Tumblers come in a variety of colors, more so than glass. If you thought they were no longer made in American you were wrong. While not many are made here there are still some brave companies battling it out against the cheap imports.

Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking has manufactured high quality glassware in the United States of America for over 100 years!


Glasses and Tumblers

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Bentley Plastics

Bentley Plastics is a family owned business nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains of central Arkansas. We are surrounded with beautiful scenery and wildlife, it is not uncommon for a few of them to try and come in for a visit. Our family has been working hard for over 25 years producing quality products at a competitive price, yet still, providing a dependable and strong company for our employees and customers.


Glasses and Tumblers Arkansas

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Heath Glass

Heath Glass is handblown in an 80-year-old glass-making factory in West Virginia. Every piece is touched by no less than ten glass-workers, each of whom is committed to preserving the craft of American handblown glass. We use them every day – from O.J. in the morning to mojitos at night. Heath Glass: Preserving the craft of American glass making. Now that’s refreshing!


Glasses and Tumblers West Virginia

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Preserve Purposeful Plastics. Since our founding in 1996, Preserve has sought to offer a new way of thinking about the everyday products we use. After all, products are more than just products. They have implications and effects far beyond the box or bag they come in. Each one carries a cost. Preserve offers better products—ones that look good, do their job well and require no compromise from our customers or our planet. Plastics have radically transformed the kinds of products available for use in our daily lives, from cars to cell phones to cups to candy wrappers—but they’re also curious […]


All Kitchen Items, American made bowls, Colanders, Cutting and Cheese Boards, Dinnerware, Glasses and Tumblers, Green and Recycled Products, Kitchen Cutlery, Measuring Cups, Mixing Bowls, Toothbrushes

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Tervis Tumblers

Tervis Tumblers are manufactured and assembled in the USA (exclusive of certain emblems). Each tumbler is carefully hand-assembled to meet our high-quality standards.Tervis Tumblers are virtually indestructible!  We want your Tervis Tumblers to work well & look great forever.  That’s why we put so much effort into ensuring they are nothing short of superior quality.  But if, despite our uncompromising dedication, your Tervis Tumbler should become defective in any way, just return it to us & we will gladly replace it.


Glasses and Tumblers

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Shop Tervis tumblers, made in America and guaranteed for life since 1946 at www.tervis.com


Glasses and Tumblers

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