Are you looking for gun and firearm accessories made in the USA and having a hard time finding them? If you are than you have finally made it to the right website.

We have spent years building a buyers guide for all things American made like accessories for guns like holsters, cleaning kits and more. We invite you to browse our list and visit the companies that we have found that know keeping their products American made is important to you just like it is to them. You know you are more likely to get a great high quality product when you shop for domestic made items for your firearm.

This industry is worth millions of dollars in sales every year in just the United States alone. Our economy needs jobs like these, which pay well and are in demand right now.

Barber Leather Holsters

Barber Leather Works

Barber Leather Works, It all starts with the leather. All of our products are made from premium saddle grade vegetable tanned (American) leather. I hand select each hide at my supplier to get the best leather possible. With thousands and thousands of hours in R&D, my holsters are specifically designed for safety, function, comfort and style. My personal experience, along with input from other seasoned CC citizens, lawenforcement officers and government agents have helped me design what I feel are some of the finest holsters on the market.

Gun And Firearm Accessories, Holsters

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Brigade GunLeather

Brigade GunLeather of Kansas Brigade Gun Holsters and holster accessories. We specialize in leather holsters and gun holsters, western holsters and concealed carry holsters

Gun And Firearm Accessories Kansas

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Bulldog Custom Leather

Bulldog Custom Leather is a small manufacturer, of high quality holsters, for handguns, carried by concealed weapons licensees. All items are made to order. All items are made of leather tanned in the USA and by hand. Each holder is made by one guy, on at a time.

Gun And Firearm Accessories Illinois

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Chisel and Plane Workshop

Chisel and Plane Workshop creates custom single action pistol grips in the USA. You will not find anything mass produced here because each pair of single action grip panels are painstakingly hand crafted by a pro Grip Maker named Chris Whisler in his workshop which is in the Southwest of Ohio. Chisel and Plane Workshop takes great pride in providing firearms collectors, fast draw competitors and cowboy role players with the best in class ultra high quality custom pistol grips along with the best personal service possible. At the Chisel and Plane Workshop you can find the real Munden Recoil […]

Gun And Firearm Accessories Ohio

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clarkfield cammo clothing made in the USA

Clarkfield Outdoors

Clarkfield Outdoors. We are a clothing manufacturer specializing in hunting clothes for men, women, and children. We offer camouflage garments in several patterns, warm and cold weather items, as well as some casual outdoor attire. CLARKFIELD OUTDOORS offers a complete line of Hunting Apparel, Sports Apparel and a “NEW” line of Work Clothing.

Camouflage Clothing made in America, Gun And Firearm Accessories, Hunting Clothes, Hunting Vest and Packs, Jackets, Men's Clothing, Neck Gaiters Minnesota

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Elzetta produces premium Tactical Flashlights and Weapon Mounts, made exclusively in the USA. Elzetta products fit the operator and fit the job.  Precise specifications and stringent tolerances ensure proper function while thoughtful design and innovative layout provide intuitive operation.  Uniting form and function,  Elzetta  is the New American Standard in Tactical Lighting. Elzetta, See What You Were Missing!

Gun And Firearm Accessories

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GORUCK builds the world’s best gear right here in the USA and produces events globally. Coupled with our mission statement to Challenge Excellence and Do Right By People, this 1+1=3 approach allows us to grow GORUCK in a way that is connected to people aka GORUCK Nation. OUR RUCKSACKS PROUDLY BUILT IN THE USA WITH A LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our rucks have been tested on countless deployments and GORUCK Challenges and come out unscathed. GR1 is our original product and the foundation for everything GORUCK. QUALITY IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIFE AND DEATH TO US AND WE STAND BY OUR […]

Backpacks, Gun And Firearm Accessories, Luggage and Bags, Survival Gear Florida

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Gun Storage Solutions

Gun Storage Solutions creates products that will efficiently store and display firearms and accessories.  With versatility as a priority, these products will retrofit any space – gun safes, display cabinets or vault rooms.  Utilizing wasted space the products from Gun Storage Solutions make even the smallest space store more guns.  Imagine your gun storage space with more guns, easier accessibility and functionality.  Gun Storage Solutions wants to give you the best storage space for your guns that is practical for your life and collection.  We are a family company with products designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA.  Visit or […]

Gun And Firearm Accessories, Safes Accessories, Safes made in the USA

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Leupold is a fifth generation, family owned company that has been in business for 102 years and employs over 600 American workers.  All Leupold Golden Ring® Riflescopes are designed, machined, assembled, and tested in Leupold’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.  Leupold uses over one million pounds of aluminum, amounting to over 100 miles of extrusion, in its facility every year and has the largest installation of Index Turning Centers West of the Mississippi River.  The current average tenure of Leupold’s all-American workforce is approximately eleven years, with the longest tenured employees being on staff for […]

Gun And Firearm Accessories, Guns, Rifle Scopes and Sights Mississippi, Oregon

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Pro-Shot Products

Pro-Shot Products have been Made in America since 1982,  use our products once, become a Pro-Shot fan for life. The last family owned and operated full line traditional and tactical firearms cleaning gear Made in America! Our goal is to provide the Absolute BEST Quality and Service in the Industry. Every product we manufacture has a distinguished quality advantage over anything in the market.  Pro-Shot offers simple effective and innovative solutions for gun care, making it Faster & Easier!

Gun And Firearm Accessories Illinois

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Remora  uses only American made materials for our entire line of concealment and security products. Our unshakable faith in American products and suppliers, as well as the American worker, enables us to offer our “Lifetime Warranty” Remora is proud to be: (1) American owned; (2) American managed; and (3) American crafted

Gun And Firearm Accessories, Holsters Florida

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Soft Armor

Soft Armor of Missouri makes Soft Armor manufactures over 600 firearm products and accessories.  All of the work is done in Nevada, Missouri and Soft Armor guarantees we will find a Made in the USA fit for your firearm.

Gun And Firearm Accessories Missouri, Nevada

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The Vest Guy

The Vest Guy  of Utah I Custom Manufacture vests, Safety Vests, Holsters, Slings, packs, Cases, Tactical Vests, Molle Vests, Shooters Bags, Arm Bands, Chest Packs, Radio Harnesses, Photography Gear…  We have been Custom Manufacturing Gear in the USA for over 20 Years, All out products have a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Gun And Firearm Accessories, Safety Clothing Utah

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Urban Carry American Made Holsters

Urban Carry American made holsters reinvented the concealed carry market with our flagship holsters. We want you to be protected at all times. That’s why the Urban Carry was designed to work with almost any outfit, for any situation. We have three priorities with the design, quick access, comfort, and complete concealment. The Urban Carry offers quick access to your firearm. Simply pull the flap and the handle of your firearm is easily exposed. With only the magnetic flap exposed the only people who will know that you are carrying in an urban environment are the other people with an […]

Gun And Firearm Accessories, Holsters Florida

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