Hardware made in the USA has become more rare over the last few decades because of the avalanche of cheaply made foreign imports. To help our American made hardware easier to find we have created a directory of US Made hardware for you. If you are on this site we know we don’t have to convince you about the importance of buying hardware made in the USA. How when we purchase high quality domestic made goods are economy gets a boost and keeps our dollars at home to employ more people and build our own infrastructure.

We invite you to explore the many pages of this list of products made in America. If you have a suggestion for a company that should be included on this directory please let us know about it. Bringing jobs back to America is a grassroots effort and we need to help one another. Another great category you may be interested in to help you install hardware is the American made tools category.

Brandywine Forge

Brandywine Forge American made shutter hardware for less than others charge for imported copies. Brandywine exterior shutter hardware includes shutter strap hinges, shutter locks, shutter dogs – or tiebacks -, shutter stay and shutter hooks.  Brandywine Forge stock and custom shutter hardware in mild or stainless steel.



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Holiday Light Hooks

Holiday Light Hooks of Kansas are made of aluminum which allows you to – “Put em up and leave em up”


Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Hardware Kansas

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Notting Hill Decorative Hardware

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware of Wisconsin creates high-end hardware for cabinets and furniture. Our artisan line includes: knobs, pulls, handles, back plates and appliance pulls featuring exceptional detail and craftsmanship. Notting Hills decorative kitchen & bath hardware features period-inspired designs.  Collections range from Arts & Crafts to Victorian. We also offer Classical, Nouveau, Romantic, Rustic Lodge, Tropical, Beach and Whimsical Eclectic Styles.


All American Made Furniture, All Kitchen Items, Hardware Wisconsin

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Shoreline Products Inc

Shoreline Products Inc. Since 1969, Shoreline has been an Ohio manufacturer of Threaded Rod (all Threaded and Double End Threaded rods and studs), U bolt, Trailer Kits, Truck Body Mounting Kits, Cab Guard Mounting Kits and related suspension hardware. We produce threaded rods and studs to industry standards or your specifications. Common double end threaded studs are always in stock.  U bolts in bulk or kits are always produced to order. Supplemental suspension hardware is also kept in stock for your convenience. Whether you are looking for Hendrickson Cross Tubes or 1-1/4″ Mack U bolts, they are in stock. We […]


Hardware Ohio

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