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Help You Live

Help You Live – Made in America since 2004 we have been creating quality therapeutic rice bags, soy candles and personal care products. We have grown steadily through the support of many happy customers and take pride in providing customers with personal service and unique products handmade in the USA. Our therapeutic hot/cold rice bag products are hand made with a removable washable cover and an inside cotton bag filled with 100% American grown rice. They are long lasting and energy efficient. Each product will wrap and conform to fit shoulders, neck, back, eyes, knees, feet – comfort from pain […]

Heating Pads

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Maine Warmers

Maine Warmers of Maine microwave heating pads relax tight muscles, stimulate circulation, and help improve flexibility. Use also to warm hands, feet, and beds. Frozen, they off ergentle cold therapy to reduce pain & swelling. They are filled with whole corn without any added fragrances. They have washable covers, are portable, easy to use, and safe. The fabrics for our Comforting Creatures are made in the USA, and all of our products are made by professional sewing contractors in Scarborough, Maine. They are high quality and provide lasting value.

Heating Pads Maine

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