Are you looking for a helpful Household Gadget? If you are I hope you will consider these Household Items Made in the USA found below. When you purchase items that were made by Americans it helps keep our economy going and growing. A healthy growing economy helps all of us by creating a growing middle class and lifting people out of despair and into hope.


EZ OPEN DOOR LATCH  Ever find yourself struggling with that little push latch handle on your screen or storm door?  Hands full?  Ever try using your elbow, hip or knee to get that latch open? Ever see a child struggle with that tiny latch?  Does arthritis or some other ailment make it difficult to deal with that latch? The EZ Open Door Latch makes it easier for children, seniors and everyone in between. The EZ Open Door Latch is 5-10 times bigger target than your existing push latch handle – bigger target – easier to see and hit. The EZ […]

Household Gadgets

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Hug-A-Plug, Inc.

Hug-A-Plug, Inc. manufactures and markets high quality, value added electrical current taps and adapter plugs for the home and office. Founded in Brighton, Michigan, all of our products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime replacement warranty. Our mission is to produce products that solve a common problem, are of the highest quality and provide the best value in its class.

Household Gadgets Michigan

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Lady and the Carpenter

Lady and the Carpenter of Washington. Kevin’s Quality Clothespins are heavy-duty, beautiful clothespins that are made in the Pacific Northwest. These sturdy, classic style pins are made to last through generations. They are the perfect clothespin for the clothesline or for your craft project.

American Made Clothing Accessories, Household Gadgets Washington

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The Bagel Biter

The Bagel Biter Welcome to the home of the world famous Bagel Biter. The one and only, original guillotine-action bagel slicer. Find out why over one and a half million people and countless commercial customers have chosen the patented Bagel Biter as the safest available.

Household Gadgets, Miscellaneous and Specialty

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