Trust your valuables to locks Made in the USA, not some cheap imports made out of who knows what. Not only will you protect your belongings you will be keeping the economy safe too. When you buy domestic products you lock up your dollars for our Country.

The Strong Arm

The Strong Arm If you’re looking for a door security solution that is more effective than a dead bolt lock, Accu-Brand the Strong Arm is the perfect security door latch for out-swinging and back doors with hinges on the outside. The Strong-Arm not only deters would-be thieves, it secures both sides of your door.


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The Wilson Bohannan Company

The Wilson Bohannan Company has been manufacturing solid brass padlocks for over 150 years. In that time, many things have changed in the way WB padlocks are made, but the quality and durability that Mr. Bohannan built into the very first lock has remained the same. Timeless design blended with the latest in production technology assures that every Wilson Bohannan lock is built to last for years and years to come. With a highly experienced work-force operating from a modern plant in Marion, Ohio, the Wilson Bohannan Company is on  the cutting edge of high security padlock development. Still owned […]

Locks Ohio

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