American made maternity clothing is available on our directory of domestic products. First of all congratulations to you, since you are visiting this page looking for Maternity clothes made in the US.

Maternity clothing has come a long way over the last couple generations. Today’s maternity clothing is much more stylish than ever before. The industry has caught the eye of designers and companies.

Buying American Made clothing like maternity wear also helps build a stronger Nation for the little one you are bringing into the world. Keeping your dollars at home will help build opportunities for everyone’s children in the future. Domestic spending helps create infrastructure and a growing tax base here in the United States. It all starts with a choice to direct spending other then to the cheapest product.

Belevation Maternity clothing made in the USA


Belevation is a provider of high quality maternity underwear that provides optimal support for the lumbar region which helps relieve common pregnancy problems such as back pain. Top products include the maternity briefs, boy-shorts, and belly band. All products are manufactured in Fort Mill, South Carolina USA.

Maternity Wear South Carolina

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Japanese Weekend Maternity

Japanese Weekend Maternity of California is the innovator in stylish clothing for mothers to be. Many of our designs are made to be worn both before and after pregnancy with discreet nursing features. Over 95% of our clothing is proudly designed and manufactured in San Francisco.

Maternity Wear California

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