Men’s accessories made in the USA can be found right here on your source for all things made in America. Our goal is to help Americans find domestic made products. This page is dedicated to men’s accessories made in the USA in many different categories. If you are a hard working man or you are shopping for one than you want rugged American made gear, not cheap imported junk. You work hard right? Well make your dollars work as hard as you do when you spend them on domestic made items. We find the best in American made and list it right here to make your shopping easier. We don’t sell anything we just connect you to the company that make their products here at home and need your support. These companies have to compete on a very un-level playing field. Only the American consumer has the power to instantly level the field.

American Made Bow Ties

High Cotton Ties and Shirts made in the USA

High Cotton ties and shirts made in the USA offer classic shirts and ties for the Southern gentleman. High Cotton Southern made clothing and ties are inspired by a higher purpose committed to the South’s values and people. High Cotton hand-cuts and hand-sews products are part of the revival of the North Carolina textile industry and the Southern tradition of manners and approachable well-dressed gentleman. At High Cotton we are true believers that bow ties should be a part of a gentleman’s everyday wardrobe, not only worn for formal events. We embrace the classic patterns, our bow ties are created […]

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Mountain and Sackett

Mountain and Sackett Established in 1957, we began as a small neckwear manufacturer in the historic garment district of Manhattan, with the goal of creating a product made in America that featured all the sophisticated elegance of Europe’s finest artisan workshops. Today, we proudly carry on this legacy of true handmade production, and the timeless tradition of hand sewn quality is being passed on to a new generation of skilled artisans and hand crafters. By combining a half century of experience with the innovative technology of the internet, we are now able to offer our exclusive collection direct to you […]

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