Miscellaneous clothing made in the USA. If your looking for an article of clothing made in the USA that just does not fit in a specific category maybe you will find it here. Our goal is connecting the American consumer to compnaies that are dedicated to making their products in the USA. Please support our cause and American jobs.

David Morgan

David Morgan David Morgan is a US based, family owned and operated company. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, offering a selection of quality items that give outstanding value. Many of these items are made in the USA (Not all Items).



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Incidental Sewing & Design

Incidental Sewing & Design Useful Stuff for Useful People. Made-to-order workwear, protective apparel, and fire-resistant apparel. While clothing options for the hard-working individual are improving, there’s still a huge gap between fit and function. Incidental’s owner/operator, Bria Fleming, got first-hand experience with this problem during her many seasons as a wildland firefighter. “There’s nothing worse than having a running chainsaw or a flaming drip-torch in your hands, and just feeling the constant need to pull up your pants,” says Fleming. “The fit of wildland uniforms and workwear in general is poor at best, dangerously distracting at worst, especially for women.” […]


American Made Clothing Accessories, Clothing, Men's Clothing, Men's Pants, Men's Shirts, Miscellaneous, Safety Clothing, Uniforms and Work Wear, Women's Clothing

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Iron Patches

Iron Patches. Quality made iron on jean patches and clothing patches that last several wash and dry cycles. All of our iron on patches come with a 60 day guarantee. We sell jean patches for the outside of jeans and also iron on denim patches that are applied to the inside so they are invisible. We also sell our adhesive so that you can create your own custom patches. For more information, check-out our videos on-line or give us a call.


American Made Clothing Accessories, Jeans and Denim, Miscellaneous Oregon

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Justina’s Genuine Creations

Justina’s Genuine Creations include wired wrist art and feather hair bands. The designs include feathers, stones, shells, glass, metal, buttons, pottery and even magazines pages! The girls hair bands are the rage for babies, little girls, and big girls alike. Each piece of wired wrist art and feather hair band is individually made and unique.


Miscellaneous Michigan

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MAXIT Designs, Inc.

Started in 1985 MAXIT introduced the first versatile headwear, the HEADGATOR 6-in-1. By 1987 MAXIT was the first company to introduce high tech moisture wicking base layers to the NFL. Proven on the football field, MAXIT was a PROLINE supplier to the NFL for over 14 years. MAXIT garments have beeen worn in environments as demanding as Antarctia, Mt. Everest and the deserts of the Middle East. Worn by professional athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, law enforcement officials and the U.S. military troops. For over 25 years, this family owned business has have been committed to manufacturing in America, […]


American Made Fitness Clothing, Athletic, Base Layers, Clothing, Expedition Gear, Hats, Hunting Clothes, Men's Clothing, Miscellaneous, Mountain Climbing Gear, Neck Gaiters, Outdoor Clothing, Socks, Survival Gear, Underwear, Underwear, Winter Gear, Women's Clothing California

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NuAngel, Inc

NuAngel, Inc.., a woman-owned business, is a U.S. manufacturer of quality nursing, infant, and health products. “Nu” in NuAngel represents the words “Nursing”, “Nutrition”, and “New”. “Angel” represent the belief that infants are precious angels and are the most valuable gifts their parents will ever receive


Baby Items, Children's Clothing, Miscellaneous, Women's Clothing

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Polar Breeze Bandanas

Polar Breeze Bandanas  High quality, handmade, re-useable cooling neck wraps.  The evaporative properties of our cooling bandanas reduce your overall body temperature so you can work or play harder. Whether in the garden, on the playing field, the construction site or in the warehouse, the health and wellness benefits are numerous, including temporary relief from headaches, fever, “hot flashes,” Muscular Dystrophy, and reducing the risk of heat stroke.  Our goal is to provide safe and beneficial personal cooling products to your customers that can be used year after year, at home or while traveling abroad. Polar Breeze Bandanas are economical, […]



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