Motor oil made in America does more than keep your car’s engine humming along it helps the American job market humming too. Regardless of what the product is if it is American made we are helping our country. Motor oil made in America is just one small piece of the solution of creating jobs. Whether it is made from crude or synthetic making motor oil in the USA creates and supports many American jobs. Don’t forget that American factories and refineries are also some of the cleanest operating facilities in the world because we the people of the USA want it that way! When you use imports over American made items you are circumventing the laws we established to protect us in many different ways.

Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils

Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils The term “100% Pure Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil” has long carried with it an industry connotation for being one of the best sources of high quality lubricant base stocks in the world.  Our BRAD PENN® refinery, the oldest continuously operating lube oil refinery in the United States, still refines 100% Pennsylvania grade crude oil. PA grade crude oil is a very thermally stable paraffinic crude oil which contains no asphaltic constituents.  This makes it an ideal choice from which to refine premium quality base oils.Because we use only one crude stock, our refined products […]

Motor Oil Pennsylvania

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