Finish your project off right with American Made Paint. When I was in my early twenties I worked in a paint factory in
Seattle. It was hard work, but paid well. A few years ago that paint factory closed and all my former co-workers lost their jobs. Now days when I pain I look for my paint to be Made in the USA and it sure brings back memories.

Bipacco Coatings LLC

Bipacco Coatings LLC of  Missouri makes Application Friendly transportation paints & Coatings for Boats, Ships, Trucks, Shoes, Cabinets, Barges, Concrete etc…Trademark Captains Choice water reducible enamel Trademark Shuethane polyurthane shoe sole coating.Trademark Durathane singlepack polyurethane wood finish.

Industrial Application Paint Missouri

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BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC brings over 50 years of cumulative staff experience to your marine and industrial infrastructure painting and coatings supply needs. We specialize in the marine and industrial infrastructure markets. Our staff will furnish complete specifications and alternatives for your every need. We guarantee all our quality work with a written warranty.

Marine Paint

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Mythic Paint is a zero voc, non toxic high performance paint that comes in any color and is totally safe for people, pets and the planet. Mythic has three distinct lines – Mythic Classic is for everyday beautiful applications, Mythic Black Label is a luxury paint and primer in one with advanced Color Capture Technology and Mythic Pro is for painting professionals with easy application.  All the products are completely non toxic and zero voc.  The formula for Mythic was created by the polymer scientists of the University of Southern Mississippi and the paint is manufactured in the a zero […]

Paint Mississippi

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