We take paper for granted, never giving any thought where is comes from. I know there are many more American Made paper
products companies around, however they don’t seem to advertise that fact or talk about it for some reason. So if you come across another paper company that claims to be made in the United States please let us know so we can grow this category.

Vintage Vinyl Journals

Vintage Vinyl Journals of Pennsylvania. We rescued the forgotten vinyl record and lovingly crafted these journals for those who appreciate a simpler time – when albums started with a pop and a hiss as needle met groove and thoughts were recorded pen to paper. Our journals contain 240 acid-free high quality unlined pages. Adding to the uniqueness of each journal is a carefully handcrafted cover and finish work. The fronts and backs of the journals are made from actual old albums, not reproductions of the art.  Let the words flow. Create your own music. 100% Made in USA.


Paper Products Pennsylvania

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