Pest control can be nasty enough without being able to trust what the products are made of. Buy American Made pest control
products so you know it was made in a safe controlled manner with ingredients that are regulated

Find Bed Bugs Now

Find Bed Bugs Now of North Carolina makes the BBD-100 Bed Bud Detector an American Made Device for Locating Hidden Bed Bugs. It is portable and very easy to use. Check for hidden bed bugs everywhere and avoid bed bug infestations traveling and in Hotels, as well as find and kill these parasites in your home.

Pest Control North Carolina

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Skeetereez Inc

Skeetereez Inc. Our product is an all natural wearable pouch to keeps the bugs away from you or your horse. Skeetereez was developed because our soldiers were sitting around candles in Iraq. We wanted to make them mobile so we did. Just take it from the bag put it on and there you go when done using it place it back in the package to maintain its integrity to use over and over for at least 960 hours of continuous use.

Pest Control

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