Dog and Cat beds made in the USA keep your pet comfortable and possibly safer too. American manufactures are held to higher standards than the countries where the cheap imports are being made. Those countries have been caught over and over making inferior and often dangerous items. Could that happen in the USA? It could happen, however the likelihood of that happening here is very slim at best.

Not only are pet beds made in the USA are better deal for you pet but the American worker gets the benefit of a job too. Buying American made pet beds helps the US economy with jobs, giving the worker Independence and the opportunity to start living the American Dream. So whether you need an American made dog bed, cat bed or maybe something else we have just the buyers guide you have been looking for.

Snuggley Toes American made dog beds

Alpaca Pet Beds

Alpaca Pet Beds, Made in the U.S. Pamper your pet with a super warm alpaca pet bed stuffed with alpaca fiber. Dogs and cats love these warm pet beds because they’re squishy and toasty. Owners love these alpaca pet beds because the fiber stays put! No more bare spots. Baffles in the pet bed pillow keeps the fiber where it’s supposed to be. The alpaca pet bed is washable and the cover is removable for more frequent washings.

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Pet Pizzaz

Pet Pizzaz of MN produce wonderful pet beds for dogs and cats. These pet beds are made in the USA, machine washable and attractive. The dog beds are made of fleece & faux fur to make them comfortable and cozy. Many dog breeds like to burrow and these beds are specifically for them. Some examples would be Miniature Pinschers, Chihuahuas, Miniature Dachshunds, Dachshunds, Boston Terriers, Italian Greyhounds and many more. Pet Pizzaz is located in Owatonna MN.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Beds

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Tribeca Pets

Tribeca Pets of NY, Michigan, and California makes beautiful, fine furnishings for Pets. Original Designs, Solid Woods, and handmade in the USA. Our custom work, making multiple dog feeders, and tremendous Dog Bowls, for breeds like Leon Bergers,Bernese Mountain Dogs, and tiny breeds. Dog Bowls, Dog Beds, Oak Crates, and Custom Work. We have 9 Years of experience with Pet Furnishings and our designs address many concerns of Veterinarians, and Owners.

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West Paw Design

West Paw Design of Montana. Pets add quality to life and West Paw Design’s objective is to give them quality in return with durable toys, beds and apparel made in the USA. The eco-friendly company uses recycled, organic and recyclable materials in many of its products and continually incorporates sustainable strategies into its manufacturing process. Since 1996 the Bozeman, Montana-based company has gained a strong and loyal following by offering products that are people, pet and planet-friendly.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Beds, Pet Toys Montana

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