Pet food and water bowls made in the USA come in many different shapes and sizes just like our pets do. You can find artistic bowls, rugged, economy minded and more. Dog and cat food and water bowls made in the USA will most often be made with better and safer materials than cheap imports are. In the USA or safety standards prohibit certain dangerous materials that we know are unsafe for humans and animals. Certain countries that flood our country with cheaply made items have been found using very dangerous materials that are banned in the USA. Don’t risk it with your beloved pets, buy them bowls that are far more likely to be made in a safe manner for your pet. Also don’t forget to take into account that America needs jobs and a level playing field to compete on. Be the change for a better tomorrow and insist on American made pet bowls.

FauxPaw Productions

FauxPaw Productions Cookie Jars, Pet Treat Jars, Pussy Cat Bowls Dog Bowls Art and Ceramics, Pet trophies, Pet awards, Pet Supplies. Incredible hand made ceramic plates, vases, bowls and much more in the Fauxpaw Gallery. Everything is original, hand made, and signed by Debby Carman.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Pet food and water bowls

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Glacier Point Pet

Glacier Point Pet Water Fountains is a small family-owned company near Lake Tahoe, California. We provide a line of pet water fountains made in America with American designed parts. Our fountains feature: non-porous high fired lead free ceramic basins that are easy to clean and keep clean, an inline charcoal filter to remove chemicals and other harmful toxins from the water, a foam prefilter to block saliva and large particles from clogging the pump, professional grade pump from the only USA based fountain company (Americandesigned pumps are assembled outside of the US) certified water safe antimicrobial fittings, an automatic glass […]

American Made Pet products (all categories), Pet food and water bowls California

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Tribeca Pets

Tribeca Pets of NY, Michigan, and California makes beautiful, fine furnishings for Pets. Original Designs, Solid Woods, and handmade in the USA. Our custom work, making multiple dog feeders, and tremendous Dog Bowls, for breeds like Leon Bergers,Bernese Mountain Dogs, and tiny breeds. Dog Bowls, Dog Beds, Oak Crates, and Custom Work. We have 9 Years of experience with Pet Furnishings and our designs address many concerns of Veterinarians, and Owners.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Beds, Pet Crates, Pet food and water bowls California, Michigan

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USA PETS- Dog & Cat Supplies, LLC

USA PETS- Dog & Cat Supplies, LLC  We provide a wide variety of quality MADE IN USA pet products.  We have researched our products and have made every effort to feature only USA made products. Our goal in providing such products, is to aid the US economy, support the American worker, and express love and pride for the USA.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Collars and Harnesses, pet clothes, Pet food and water bowls, Pet Leashes

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