We Americans love our pets, we want to keep them safe and healthy. American Made pet products have a much better track record of safety when in regards to your beloved pet. When you buy pet products Made in the USA you can feel better about your purchase knowing domestic production has a much better record of safety and not to mention the items would have been made under our labor and environmental laws making the world better for pets and workers alike.

Snuggley Toes American made dog beds

Alpaca Pet Beds

Alpaca Pet Beds, Made in the U.S. Pamper your pet with a super warm alpaca pet bed stuffed with alpaca fiber. Dogs and cats love these warm pet beds because they’re squishy and toasty. Owners love these alpaca pet beds because the fiber stays put! No more bare spots. Baffles in the pet bed pillow keeps the fiber where it’s supposed to be. The alpaca pet bed is washable and the cover is removable for more frequent washings.


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Barkin’ Biscuit, LLC

Barkin’ Biscuit, LLC of New Hampshire make healthy 100% natural vegetarian dog treats in a variety of flavors. No salt, soy, corn, or byproducts. Baked with organic ingredients. MADE IN THE USA!


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Best Pet Naturals

Best Pet Naturals American made and all natural! Our dog food, cat food, pet treats, supplements and pet care supplies set the bar for quality ingredients and healthy standards. Watch the video The Truth About Pet Food then compare your brand to our nutritious, natural pet food. Order online and have it shipped fresh to your house. Also, want to be an American entrepreneur? We’re looking for distributors. While you’re learning more about our food, click the Opportunity link on the web site.


American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Food made in the USA, Pet Products

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American Made Dog Grooming products

Petiwraps Dog Grooming Aids Made in the USA

Petiwraps Dog grooming aids made in the USA are a dog nail grooming aid to show the nails and keep the hair out of the way. PetiWalkSocks is a padded bottom sock that protects the dogs paw from cold, hot and other painful surfaces while walking.


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