Pianos made in the USA are some of the best in the world. World class musicians play pianos made in the USA for good reason. Pianos were invented by an Italian in 1709. It is remarkable that the original design has not changed much over the years. One of the original pianos is on display in a New York museum. When you are looking to buy a piano why would you buy one made in a factory made for the least amount possible? Your piano should be in your family for generations. Don’t buy a cheap imported model now found at garage sales across the country. Some data reports about 60,000 pianos a year are sold in our country. How many of those are pianos made in America? If a hundred percent of those were made in America it would create a large number of jobs right here in America. Many articles have been published regarding pianos being a great investment. Quality pianos when well cared for can be recession proof over the years. Unlike cheaply made instruments which depreciate very quickly.
Pianos made in the USA

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