Plastic Thermoforming in the USA creates far more than just an innovative way of creating products. Thermoforming is a pretty accurate description of what the process is. Very thin sheets also known as film is heated and stretched over a form or mold and allows to cool. American made Plastic Thermoforming creates products and jobs in the USA and is very important to manufacturing in general.

This industry of course is worth billions of dollars in sales around the world. The USA has done fairly well in this industry, however like so many industries has been hard hit by foreign imports. Even with the surge of imports Beaverton Michigan is still known as the Plastic Thermoforming capital of the world and does well because of other industries located there, which have a demand for this product. Keep America strong every time you buy a product that was made here.

Mayfield Plastics

Mayfield Plastics  Mayfield Plastics has played a prominent manufacturing role in Central Massachusetts for almost a half-century. In 1970 the former parent company of Mayfield Plastics, S.Ralph Cross and Sons, decided to transform its pattern making business. Founded in 1917 by S. Ralph Cross, his sons, Stanley and Gordon Cross, made a strategic decision to capitalize on their core competency, mold making, by coupling it with the manufacturing of custom made plastic parts using the emerging plastic forming process of Thermoforming.

Plastic Thermoforming Massachusetts

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Spencer Industries Inc.

Spencer Industries Inc. – We are Proud to support the USA with locations in Dale , Indiana and Hampton South Carolina specializing in Heavy Gauge Plastic Thermoforming.  We can produce anything from the simplest Vacuum Formed part, to high esthetic detailed Pressure Formed parts including award winning Twin Sheet Thermoformed product.  Spencer Industries is a unique custom thermoformer because we can be a complete supplier to our customers. Our in-house extrusion and assembly capabilities allow us to streamline the process, thus reducing leadtimes, and eliminating non-value added activities for the customer.   Spencer Industries was founded in 1981 is locally owned […]

Plastic Thermoforming Indiana, South Carolina

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