This is an industry that should have far more American Made repair parts when you think about it. There is plumbing
everywhere, houses, offices, schools, rest stops, you name it there is plumbing. On this page of our site we have assembled companies we have found that are dedicated to making their plumbing and toilet repair parts here in the United States.

Superior Tool Co

Superior Tool Co. “We take pride in the fact that most of our tubing tools are still Made in the USA right here in Cleveland, Ohio.”

Plumbing Ohio

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Plumbing tools made in the USA

The Pex Pocket Crimper A Precision Tool

The Pex Pocket Crimper A Precision Tool, Made in the USA. For permanent crimp connections with PEX tubing fittings. The Pocket Crimper crimps 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ sizes in one tool. How can you go wrong with a tool that is: Simple Inexpensive Use with your own 10″ Vise Grips ┬« Fits into tight places Never needs adjustment Handy size – includes Pouch & Guage! Why pay for more expensive tools that only crimp one size? Not to mention this is an American made tool that helps you work and other Americans too.

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