Pool and Spas made in the USA. A large part of the country enjoys weather that supports having a pool. A pool is a very large investment many pools are built on site, which of course does not lend itself to imports. Other pool equipment of course over the years like so many other industries has fallen prey to cheap foreign imports.

The power to make a difference starts with you every time you open your wallet to make a purchase. Purpose driven spending on pool and spas and spa equipment made in the USA can and will sustain and create jobs right here in the United States. These are good jobs for skilled craftsman of many different trades, the kind of jobs that create a vibrant middle class that has made the USA the envy of the world.


ezClearWater.com NanoSTICK & NanoSPRAY: The revolutionary, nonchemical water clarifier for sparkling Pool & Spa water.  NanoSTICK utilizes NanoTitanium technology to  Zap organics on contact; including hair, skin, ammonia, oils, and lots more.Take the work out of owning a hot tub.  Let NanoSTICK and NanoSPRAY do the work for you!


Pool and Spa

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Pacific Sands, Inc.

At Pacific Sands, Inc. we help you simplify your life, naturally. We are makers of household and commercial cleaners and spa chemicals that work as well or better than national brands, but are eco-friendly, biodegradable and healthy for you and your family. Our product line-up includes: Oxy-Boost ultra-concentrated oxygen bleach stain eliminator Natural Choices green cleaners that make your house sparkle. Ecoone hot tub chemicals that leave your water crystal clear and your skin silky smooth and baby-soft! (If you have a spa you HAVE to try Ecoone. You’ll be amazed!) Great for people with allergies, sensitive skin, or multiple […]


Cleaners, Green and Recycled Products, Laundry Tools, Pool and Spa Wisconsin

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