When you buy radiators made in the USA the only thing that will heat up is the job market in the USA. Keep your car cool and heat up the economy when you look for American made auto parts like radiators made in the USA. Just think how many radiators there are in just the United States. Many of those will have to be replaced, don’t you want them replaced with American made models? How many people will that employ in America? Does your town need those jobs? Think about that each time you buy a part or accessory for your car or truck regardless of where it was originally made. Your buying trends will set the agenda for what stores stock. Let’s get American made trending in the right direction.

The Brassworks

The Brassworks reproduces and restores radiators for antique and classic cars, trucks, and custom street rods. Cores are available in flat tube & fin, round tube & fin, honeycomb, or cartridge.  For over 30 years, we have confidently stood behind each handcrafted radiator. Brassworks radiators are proudly fabricated in our facility in Paso Robles, CA.


Radiators California

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