Sandals made in the USA are often sought but rarely found. The Sandal industry is one of those hit hardest by cheap foreign imports, however there are Americans that fought back and continue to produce American made sandals.

It seems Sandals have been around nearly as long as humans have been. The history of man kind are entwined with this early type of footwear. Archaeologist have found evidence of sandals dating back 10,000 years being made from leaves and twigs.

There is even evidence that some of the earliest sandals were American made. It has been reported that the oldest known sandals were found in Fort Rock Cave in the state of Oregon. These ancient Sandals were made from sagebrush bark.

Support this important category of American Made footwear and more suppliers will step up to fill that demand.

Okabashi American Made Shoes

Okabashi, perhaps America’s most comfortable shoe, is known for bringing together the comfort of reflexology into shoe design. It has many loyal customers and an unmatched Two-Year Guarantee. These factors have helped to sell over 30 million pairs of shoes during the last 30+ years. One of the few remaining American designers and manufactures of shoes, Okabashi is a perfect find for shoes that can fit into your life every day. Starting in 1984 Okabashi American made shoes set out to become different from all the other shoes commpanies. The first large difference you will notice is the make their […]

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