Rifle Scopes and Sights made in the USA can be found right here on our directory for all things American made. Scopes really extend the range of effective targeting for hunting or target shooting. A properly sighted scope increases accuracy resulting in cleaner shots while hunting and tighter groups in target shooting. Scopes come in many different powers and have many features and functions. Scopes have military, law enforcement, and sporting applications.

Sights made in the USA are mainly used for closer range shooting although a skilled marksman can be incredibly accurate even at great distances with even open sights. Often higher end sights are designed for hand guns with different optics designed for better aim of course. These type of sights are referred to as Iron Sights.

Another type of sight is a red dot sight sometimes called a heads up sight. The Red Dot sights do not hinder your peripheral vision as it has no tube. A Red Dot sight can be used with both eyes wide open, This type of sight is widely used in close range tactical applications such as military, law enforcement and personal protection.

Whatever you preference or application we hope you will shop for an American made option before buying anything. America needs skilled jobs like those created in this industry.

Crimson Trace Corporation

Crimson Trace Corporation Of Oregon is the maker of the world’s finest laser sights. Over the past 17 years, Crimson Trace Corporation has shipped nearly a million sets of Lasergrips® and Laserguard® units to responsible gun owners throughout the world.  Our diverse and loyal customer base includes: the US military, federal/state/local law enforcement agencies, private security officers, concealed carry aficionados, defenseminded citizens, target shooters and sportsmen. Crimson Trace makes a continuous effort to stay loyal to its country and its workers by building our products in the US, and has since our genesis in 1994.


Rifle Scopes and Sights Oregon

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Leupold is a fifth generation, family owned company that has been in business for 102 years and employs over 600 American workers.  All Leupold Golden Ring® Riflescopes are designed, machined, assembled, and tested in Leupold’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.  Leupold uses over one million pounds of aluminum, amounting to over 100 miles of extrusion, in its facility every year and has the largest installation of Index Turning Centers West of the Mississippi River.  The current average tenure of Leupold’s all-American workforce is approximately eleven years, with the longest tenured employees being on staff for […]


Gun And Firearm Accessories, Guns, Rifle Scopes and Sights Mississippi, Oregon

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Williams Gun Sight Company

Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. has been manufacturing gun sights and other gun accessories since 1926. Williams offers excellent customer service and warranties all of their products for quality material and workmanship. FireSights are the newest product line offered by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. Manufactured in Davison, Michigan, FireSights are machined from aircraft strength aluminum (front beadsare made of steel) not plastic.


Guns, Rifle Scopes and Sights Michigan

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