Dress for success in American Made Scrubs. This list is not as big as it once was because more and more companies have been moving overseas. Let’s support those few that stay in the USA despite overwhelming competition from cheap imports. These few remaining courageous companies that have not traded profit for cheap labor. They also know that companies that make scrubs overseas have little to no control quality control like they have making their products in the USA. Buying American Made saves American jobs

Scrubs have long allowed their wearers to express themselves too. We have all seen the clever and witty designs some people prefer to wear. Of course medical work is serious so often seeing a light hearted design can help calm a patient and relax them in an otherwise tense situation. Whatever your style is please try and support your fellow American workers.

Banana scrubs made in the USA


Banana SCRUBS of Texas. Nearly two decades ago, Banana SCRUBS sent out its first mail order catalog. From its humble beginnings in the mail order uniform business, Banana SCRUBS has evolved into a premiere manufacturer and specialty retailer of high quality, trend-setting scrub apparel and accessories. The Banana SCRUBS® brand targets fashion-forward women and men worldwide with a focused selection of stylish clothing at compelling values. Banana SCRUBS maintains full control over its proprietary  brand by designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling all of its own merchandise. The company combines the finest global fabrics with superior, all-American craftsmanship to deliver unsurpassed […]


Scrubs New Mexico, Texas

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Performance Scrubs

Performance Scrubs For years astronauts and athletes have benefited from scientifically-designed materials that are super comfortable and highly functional. Now it’s your turn. Performance Scrubs are created to control both temperature and odor, wick away moisture, hold their vibrant color and shape wash after wash, and reduce ironing time. Each scrub is handmade to order. Mix and match styles, sizes, color, pockets and piping colors. Thousands of combinations are available with our unique “build-on-demand” option so you can get the custom look and fit you want!



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