Ski boats made in the USA have become a very high tech business. Americans are serious about their Ski Boats and the companies that make them in America have responded. You can find many types of Ski Boats made here at home from ultra fancy and high tech to the entry level starter boat. Boat making employs many Americans with great living wage jobs, so before you buy a boat make sure and shop for an American made ski boat first. In making large durable goods like a ski boat it is not just the boat maker jobs that increase it also increases oppertunities for the businesses that support that industry. We scour the web to find ski boats that meet the criteria you are looking for with being American made the most important. You want to spend your time skiing with family and friends not shopping, right.


MasterCraft was founded in 1968 when it built its first ski boat in a two-stall horse barn on a farm in Maryville, Tennessee. Dissatisfied with the large wakes and pull of other ski boats, MasterCraft builders designed a hull that had the smallest wake in the industry; smooth and low at slalom and jump speeds; well defined at trick speeds.MasterCraft has a single manufacturing facility located in Vonore, Tennessee, where it employs over 560 people. These “MasterCraftsmen” descend on Lake Tellico every morning dedicated to hand-building the world’s best boats. MasterCraft engineers listen to the consumer’s wants and needs, develop […]

American Made Ski Boats, Boats of all types, Fishing Boat Equipment Tennessee

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Mirage Boats

Mirage Boats “Since 1984 boating enthusiasts like you have enjoyed the exhilaration, quality and pride of ownership of Mirage boats”

American Made Ski Boats, Boats of all types, Fishing Boat Equipment

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