If you want to listen to great music you should use stereo and speaker equipment Made in the USA. We Americans are really into our music and in most cases want it loud and proud. Pretty sure we invented this entire industry, maybe not but feels like it. So when you are looking for devices to play your music look for companies here that support our country.


At Ascend we specialize in one thing, manufacturing multi- award-winning high performance loudspeakers. Rather than manufacturing a jumble of different products, we focus all of our energy on a few truly remarkable, great sounding loudspeakers. All of our loudspeakers are hand-assembled and tested in the USA and we are proud to say that we maintain the tightest performance tolerances in the industry today.



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HUMAN Speakers

HUMAN Speakers in Lee, NH builds a simple line of speakers, crafting the parts and each complete speaker by hand, usually to order, right here in our own factory. The best speakers are made in the United States. This is because entrepreneurial ingenuity and drive result in a product that clearly achieves one persons vision of fine quality sound. Huge international companies can only compete in this industry by selling “commodity” products and heavily advertised brands. The high quality obtainable through exacting design and uncompromising manufacture will only be found in smaller companies reflecting individual integrity and skill. One of […]



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Lava Audio Cables

Lava Audio Cables Made-to-Order in the U.S.A. to the highest standards for the Music Industry with a lifetime warranty. Now available at more than 300 stores in 25 countries and used by professionals such as Prince, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai, Ty Tabor, Greg Howe, Carl Verheyen, Pete Thorn, Greg Koch, Elliot Easton, Dweezil Zappa, and Steve Morse and many more


Audio Cables, Speaker Cables

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Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world class stereo speakers for 42 years. Jim Winey, the inventor of the Magneplanar loudspeaker, first owned electrostatic loudspeakers and began experimenting to design an improved electrostatic speaker. In 1969, Jim invented the Magneplanar, a thin-film magnetic equivalent to the electrostat and founded Magnepan. Corporate and manufacturing facilities are located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, a small community north of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Having outgrown its original facilities, Magnepan’s current plant is over 50,000 square feet in addition to corporate and engineering offices. To date, over 200,000 pairs of Magneplanar […]


Speakers Minnesota

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Manley Laboratories

Manley Laboratories offers a complete line-up of professional gear for both studio and stage. Manley units are all tube designs, while Langevin products offer the same quality build with all discrete make-up gain amplifiers. Both Manley and Langevin products are built side-by-side with all high quality parts and reliable construction techniques at the Manley Labs factory.


Studio and Stage

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Orb Audio

Orb Audio home theater speakers and stereo speaker systems are an award-winning combination of superb sound and small, attractive design. We manufacture our Mod1 and Mod2 satellites in California by a team of skilled craftspeople with substantial experience in the industry.  By selling direct to our clients, we can afford to spend money on quality, American manufacturing. Our innovative direct business model allows us to manufacture our speakers with the highest quality audio components and expensive, handmade materials while keeping prices very reasonable.  Toss aside the notion that price equals quality — it dosn’t apply here. Orb speakers are every […]


Audio Equipment, Speakers California

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PINETONE LLC. guitar speaker cabinets are built rock solid, ready to deliver! Constructed of 100% 3/4″ white pine for the ultimate in “live Wood” tonal bliss. PINETONE cabs feature dovetail joints, dual 1/4″ Switchcraft jacks, 14 gauge speaker wire, heavy duty handles, metal cabinet corners and large rubber feet. Two piece back provides the option of an open or closed back configuration. Available in both Tolex and Nitrocellulose Lacquer finishes. PINETONE is a Eminence speaker seller\dealer. All hand crafted with pride in America.


Speakers New Jersey

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Ram Custom Speaker cables

Ram Custom Speaker cables made in the USA using Pro quality cable and connectors – Belden, Canare 4s11 4s8, Liberty Cable, Audioquest, WBT, ViaBlue banana, spade pin connectors


Speaker Cables

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VPI Industries Inc.

VPI Industries Inc. is a high-end audio manufacturer that was started by Sheila and Harry Weisfeld, the founders and co-owners thirty two years ago. All VPI products are built in the United States in Cliffwood, New Jersey using American made parts and labor. We are an old school American manufacturer sourcing American made components whenever possible, even if they are more expensive than foreign components


Turntables New Jersey

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