This page of the directory of American Made products is a difficult category. The companies that sell these items for the most part keep a multi-National approach and don’t often advertise American Made. We have not been able to find 100% made in the USA for most appliances so you must really take the time to investigate at the retailer. Many companies will offer a few items made here but most somewhere else. So please do your home work at the retailer.


Dacor is American made, family-owned Dacor and has been designing and manufacturing luxury kitchen appliances for three generations.  Dacor provides a full line of innovative products designed to appeal to a broad segment of the luxury kitchen appliance market.  With products available through a network of over 1,500 retail locations, Dacor is bringing luxurious appliances to customers throughout North America, and into select countries worldwide.

All Kitchen Items, Stoves and Cooktops

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Thermador’s “Professional Series”

*Thermador’s “Professional Series” is made in Campbell County, Tennessee, at the foot of the Cumberland mountains. The product portfolio includes stainless steel gas cooktop, electric/gas cooktop, gas cooktops, ventilation hoods, and accessories, which are developed and manufactured at the site. Cooktops are offered in 30”, 36” and 48” formats. The products are predominantly destined for the local market. We have not provided a link as we urge you to find a retailer that can tell you where each model is made.

Stoves and Cooktops Tennessee

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