Talk about an iconic image how about the Aviator style on sunglasses, known the world over for it’s timeless design. On this page you will find the original American Made Aviator and other styles of sunglasses made right here in the USA. Like many American companies these listed here have made a commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Charlie V American made sunglsses

Charlie V

Charlie V sunglasses are American made and uniquely crafted to convey high quality and superior craftsmanship. They are precision engineered with a world exclusive, patent pending, twist and pivot hinge design—enabling a more compact folding position. This is great for slipping in your shirt pocket or stowing in an overhead bin inside your car. The arms are also less exposed to potential damage because they’re not bulging outward when folded.


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Sunglasses Made in the USA

Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering In the late 1970′s Randolph Engineering started manufacturing Mil-Spec Aviator sunglasses for the United States Air Force as a subcontractor producing in excess of 200,000 sunglasses annually. Led by Jan’s sons, Randolph won the government bid to become the prime contractor in 1982. By the late 1980′s Randolph had expanded into the commercial sunglass market after civilians learned about the quality of its sunglasses and prescription frames through military channels. Today Randolph remains an iconic brand accelerated by a growing demand for genuine, well-made products with a strong American heritage. Tried and true manufacturing methods are maintained using […]

Sunglasses Massachusetts

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