Do you want to buy underwear made in the USA? Where do you want your most personal article of clothing made? I say most people want to wear underwear made in America don’t you?

The goal of this site is to connect the smart shopper to companies that make underwear in the USA for men and women. Buy from a company that put America above profit. Most of the big brand name companies now longer think about American jobs when planning new products. They have placed profit over country over and over ever while our country is their largest and most profitable market. Reward smaller companies that are keeping Americans working and putting people over profit. These companies kept production of underwear made in America and the expense of higher profits. Now you can buy your underwear made in a sweat shop free company. These companies pay a living wage, supports the American worker and our tax base here at home. Remember when you keep your money at home your keep jobs at home, maybe your own.

All Union House Apparel made in the USA

All Union House Apparel

Union House allows you to shop with confidence that all our products are made in USA. Order our jackets with the confidence of having a great product made here in America, several of our jackets are Custom Made for us and you will find them no where else

American Flags, Jackets, Jeans and Denim, Underwear, Underwear

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All USA Clothing american made

ALL USA Clothing American made Apparel

All USA Clothing is your one stop solution for American made apparel. We sell American made Jeans, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Socks, Bibs, Overalls and Jackets. We specialize in Union/American made work clothing. At this time, we are pleased to be the preferred Made in USA Carhartt clothing vendor. All USA clothing American made apparel features a very large collection of the finest made in the USA clothing as well as Union made apparel. The collection of brands and items are so large All USA Clothing will be your one stop shop for all your American made clothing items. Our […]

Jackets, Jeans and Denim, Men's Clothing, Men's Pants, Men's Shirts, Tee Shirts, Underwear, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops and Shirts

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Between the sheets American Made Lingerie

Between the Sheets Lingerie

Between the Sheets Lingerie of New York Between the Sheets Lingerie designs and manufactures two brands of lingerie and loungewear in Manhattan’s historic garment center. In an industry saturated by overseas manufacturing we are dedicated to supporting US manufacturing.

Lingerie, Swimwear, Underwear, Women's Clothing, Women's Sleepwear New York

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Body Aware underwear made in the USA

Body Aware

Body Aware Established in 1987 Body Aware has always provided the best designs in men’s underwear to gentlemen worldwide. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Underwear, Underwear

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American Made Clothing made from scraps

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc.

Clothes Made From Scrap, Inc. We manufacture and market a line of clothing and accessories made from recycled plastic soda bottles and reclaimed cotton. We also offer 100% US made US fabric organic cotton T-shirts in natural. Every product that CMFS manufactures has a direct impact on safeguarding our environment.

Green and Recycled Products, Men's Clothing, Tee Shirts, Underwear, Underwear, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops and Shirts

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Ezz Corp

Ezz Corp of Florida is the world’s best home for all your compression wear. Specialists in compression shapewear for men proudly made in the USA since 1999. Effective for obesity, waist and tummy reduction via varying degrees of compression as per your individual need. Also known as the Gynecomastia Shirt Shop, Gynecomastia, Manboobs or Moobs a condition which our shirts help relieve or hide with the complete line of Men Girdles, Mirdles, Gynecomastia Suits, Vests Compression Shirt, Chest Binders, slimming undershirts for men, abdominal support and all body shaper garments with back support. The line also includes men shapewear, women […]

Men's Clothing, Underwear, Underwear Florida

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MAXIT Designs, Inc.

Started in 1985 MAXIT introduced the first versatile headwear, the HEADGATOR 6-in-1. By 1987 MAXIT was the first company to introduce high tech moisture wicking base layers to the NFL. Proven on the football field, MAXIT was a PROLINE supplier to the NFL for over 14 years. MAXIT garments have beeen worn in environments as demanding as Antarctia, Mt. Everest and the deserts of the Middle East. Worn by professional athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, law enforcement officials and the U.S. military troops. For over 25 years, this family owned business has have been committed to manufacturing in America, […]

American Made Fitness Clothing, Athletic, Base Layers, Clothing, Expedition Gear, Hats, Hunting Clothes, Men's Clothing, Miscellaneous, Mountain Climbing Gear, Neck Gaiters, Outdoor Clothing, Socks, Survival Gear, Underwear, Underwear, Winter Gear, Women's Clothing California

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