I know when you need an urn you have just suffered a great loss and our sympathy goes out to you. I’m sure most Americans
would want their final resting place to be Made in the USA.

Arizona Urns

Arizona Urns I provide unique wood cremation urns. My round urns are turned on a lathe. Great care is used in the production of my cremation urns  with attention to detail as my priority. Each urn is hand made, one at a time. I use the finest grades of hard wood available and I provide quality cremation urns to the public at a fair price. These cremation urns are not cheap stained woods. They are made from exotic or domestic, top quality, hard woods.


Urns Arizona

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Functional Furniture,

Functional Furniture, a custom cabinet-making company located in Christopher, Illinois, is proud to offer our line of hand-made cremation urns. Our urns, which are hand-made by American craftsmen, are made from solid hardwood lumber. In 2008, we began making urns for a funeral home director in Southern Illinois who wanted an urn that was unique, elegant, built better than those he was finding elsewhere, and made in America.


All Furniture, Urns Illinois

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