Watches can be beautiful, functional, status symbols and of course practical. It seemed for many years what they could not be was American made. They became like the mythical unicorn, heard of, dreamed of but never seen, right. We things are changing in the watch industry. We now see American companies making watches here again. This is great news for our country as these are skilled labor artisan jobs. An industry like this re-emerging is so healthy for the workforce. Many jobs and industries will be impacted from the people making the watches all the way to the people that ship them, sell them, advertise them and more. Next time you need to check the time do it on a watch built here at home before it’s too late. Check out the following to read about the American watch industry history

Mercer Watch Co.

Mercer Watch Co. is a small designer and producer of time pieces located in historic central New Jersey, USA. Simply put, we exist to share our love of horology with you.  In that vein, we strive to design and produce custom mechanical time pieces of the utmost quality for an affordable price.

watches New Jersey

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Vortic Watch Company

Vortic Watch Company The true inspiration behind Vortic’s American Artisan Series is the simple idea that we had it right the first time. Before the United States got away from watchmaking in the late 1900’s, we produced millions of beautiful, high quality pocket watches that became more than just a way to tell time. The domestically made pocket watches became heirlooms that were passed down through generations, signifying the deep roots of quality manufacturing in America that, while covered with dirt, still exist today


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