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In this era of outsourcing high tech work has been outsourced and it has become more difficult for find an American web designer. Even many firms that offer web design services in the USA will often sub contract much of the work overseas. Many overseas web design services do all their work elsewhere while keeping a small office in the US to appear they are a domestic company when they are not.

This site was designed and created by an American company and even hosted by a server in the United State as well (at least at the time we started). So all of this is possible, just be sure to ask questions of your developer where the work will be done, do they outsource and if so to where?

The differences in cost between domestic production and offshore are utterly astounding and can be pennies on the dollar. This does often lead to American companies doing little but offering the services and farming it all out at a huge profit as they charge you American wages and outsource to India or elsewhere.

Web Services CT

Web Services CT is a Connecticut-based digital marketing firm specializing in web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and other digital marketing services for small-medium sized businesses in Connecticut and throughout New England.

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