American made wheel chairs

A wheel chair gives a certain amount freedom to the user and if it is an American made wheel chair, making it created work here in the USA. Early Wheel chairs were known as chairs with wheels have been around for hundreds of years in one form or another.

The wheelchair that most Americans are familiar with was invented by a couple Americans in 1933. This version included the first use of the X brace frame that makes it collapsible and light weight. Some early wheelchairs had only two wheels and resembled a backwards rickshaw with the driver and handles behind the chair. Other models featured three wheels but none of the early models were rarely self propelled and required assistance to move the user.

Of course technology has taken a firm hold of this industry resulting in advances in design and of course in many cases adding self propelled models. The ability to incorporate light weight material and better wheels have even resulted in designs so efficient they are used to compete in marathons and basketball games.

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