Home water filters made in the USA

America has some of the cleanest and safest water supplies in the world. This is a key factor to the health of our population. Many Americans prefer to go the extra mile and equip their home with a filter system the entire water supply passes through rather than a filter at the faucet.

With all the homes in the USA and water safety and quality being so important it is surprising more companies don’t make home water supply filtration systems in America. We have been unable to find more than one to list here so far after looking for a number of years. Making water filters is another industry that has the potential to employ many Americans should the industry return to domestic production. Our search for home water filters made in the USA will continue of course as other categories of this directory continues to grow. In the meanwhile feel free to contact us with suggestions or leads of companies you are aware of that make this type of equipment here at home.

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