Are you looking for ways to help your own home State? If you are here is something anyone can do, when shopping try and buy locally made items. When you buy products made here in the Bluegrass State your money statys home and is put to work supporting your economy not an economy on the other side of the world.

Accurate Armory

Accurate Armory, the home of Accurate Tool firearms and accessories, set out to develop a carbine rifle that changes the course of history. Our Kentucky heritage provides the foundation to set a new standard in the design and manufacturing of this modular weapons system. Attention to detail, durability, outstanding performance and precision accuracy is at the core of our company values. Our standards are high and our passion to produce the best firearms is set firm.

Guns, Rifles made in the USA Kentucky

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Bullet Blues American made jeans

Bullet Blues Custom Apparel

Bullet Blues Custom Apparel of CA All of our jeans are made in the USA, using American-crafted denim from Cone in North Carolina. Our custom-made rivets originate from Kentucky, and are made by YKK who provide industrial strength fastenings. So if you’re looking for jeans made in USA among other wardrobe essentials, you’ll find everything your heart desires here at Bullet Blues. Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC proudly serves the ‘made in America’ movement by offering top quality apparel for both men and women. The owner, a native of France, has put together a patriotic collection of jeans made in […]

Jeans and Denim, Men's Clothing, Men's Pants, Women's Clothing Kentucky, North Carolina

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American Made nails

Great American Specialty Fasteners Made in the USA

Great American Specialty Fasteners can meet all your specialty fastener needs with Great American Specialty Fasteners because we are building on 80 years of manufacturing nails and other fasteners in America. What kind of nail do you need? We offer a wide variety of nails made in the USA like stainless steel, aluminum, bright basic, copper and with platings or coatings. Our American made nails include nails for roofing, siding, decking, trim, roofing, gutter spikes, fencing, common nails and even brad nails. Maybe you need a nail made to your own custom specifications? Give us a call we might be […]

Building Materials, Nails, Roofing Material Kentucky

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Jewelry In Candles

Jewelry In Candles of Kentucky. Our candles and tarts radiate vivid scents that arouse delightful memories and provide a long-lasting aroma that will indulge you into serenity. 100% all-natural soy wax is safe, has a beautiful patina look and burns cleanly in your home. Our products are some of the industry’s best, with bold scents and surprise jewelry in every candle waiting to be discovered.

Candles Kentucky

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Kentucky Smokin’ Grill

Kentucky Smokin’ Grill was started in 1973as a family picnic for a 4th of July celebration. Over a period of about 10 years, our cookouts went from family picnic, on past the hobby stage, and into a part time business.

Gourmet Foods Kentucky

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Kentucky Walking Sticks

Kentucky Walking Sticks Hand crafted walking sticks and canes created by eastern Kentucky folk artist. Types of walking sticks and canes include, Curled/Twisted, Traditional, Carved Snake, Crook Neck Canes, and Shepherd’s Staffs.

Elder Care Products Kentucky

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Polly Singer Couture Hats

Polly Singer Couture Hats Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Polly Singer Couture Hats has been in business almost 20 years.  All hats are made by hand in our studio, using vintage wooden hat blocks to create wearable works of art.  The hats are blocked, sewn and made by hand.  Much of our business is custom.  We work with clients in designing their hats for events such as the Kentucky Derby, weddings, social galas and other events.  At Polly Singer Couture Hats, we strive to support other American based businesses.  Most of our business is done over the internet, helping ladies pick […]

Hats Kentucky

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Samuel’s Hats

Samuel’s Hats offers a variety of women’s and men’s handmade designer hats manufactured and sold in the USA. We are the leading provider of women’s high-end Kentucky Derby Hats and Church Hats. For decades, Samuel’s has been a pioneer in the designer hat industry with simple and classic to embellished and elegant. We are proud to serve our domestic customers in addition to providing local jobs.

Hats Kentucky

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Unicomp American Made Computer Keyboards

Unicomp Inc. American Made Computer Keyboards

Unicomp Inc. American Made Computer Keyboards are made in the middle of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Country. Competing aginst cheap Asian imports our focus is making the highest quality keyboards at the lowest price point all the while keeping a high level of customer service. We have a very large selection of American Made Keyboards for you to browse. Can you believe we have over 2000 different keyboards? Our bestselling models are stocked and others are built to order within a couple days of ordering in most cases.

Computer Equipment Kentucky

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