We have been building a list of products Made in the Empire State. When you buy products made in New York State you keep your dollars working right there in your State. Your dollars will help employ your friends neighbors and maybe even you or your family. Employed people participate more fully in the economy and join the tax base it is a win win for everyone involved.

1UP Game Calls

1UP Game Calls of New York make Custom made Turkey Calls and accessories, Deer Calls, Earth Scent Body Wash, Earth Cover Scent


Game Calls New York

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AdirondackChairShop.com, online retailer of cedar and pine Adirondack chairs, Adirondack lounges, Adirondack rockers, tables, swings, and settees. We are proud to announce our tenth season of online sales of premium USA made Adirondack chairs and furniture.  Our Adirondack furniture really is handcrafted in the Adirondack region of upstate New York. Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have supported us over the years!


All American Made Furniture, Outdoor New York

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Akron Grove Bath Products

Akron Grove Bath Products We are an independent, American owned soap and bath products maker located in Lockport , New York , USA . We make quality, natural, handmade soaps, bath products, lotion, skin care, gift baskets, gifts, shower favors, shampoo, conditioner and foot care items. We are constantly adding new items to our product line. All items are made to order and we have over 200 items and over 100 scents available


Body Soap, Fragrant Soap, Hand Soap, Natural Soap New York

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American Classic Outfitters

American Classic Outfitters has a rich USA heritage in designing and manufacturing custom athletic uniforms for sports teams at all levels of play: Pro, Collegiate and High School. Our operations in Perry, New York, have carried on the long-established tradition of hand-crafting team uniforms in facilities formerly operated by Champion Products.


Sportswear and Uniforms New York

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American Scientific Lighting

American Scientific Lighting of New YorkASL is America’s premier lighting manufacturer, dedicated exclusively to the production of GREEN lighting. The company’s primary focus from initial design to final product is quality. Best of all, our fixtures are fabricated right here in the USA by American craftsmen insuring timely deliveries. ASL is a New York based corporation established in Brooklyn, New York in 1979. One manufacturing plant supplies the entire United States. The company is a privately held corporation. Yaakov Singer is the founder and president and continues to be actively involved in the company’s growth. Additionally there are another 25 […]


Lighting Fixtures New York

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Aurora Shoe Company

Aurora Shoe Company of New York was founded on the idea that a good pair of shoes should be made well and fit comfortably. We use American made materials and assemble all of our shoes in house and by hand. Our simple leather shoes are timeless in style and universal in their appeal.Assembled organically, using simple cuts of leather and minimal stitching, our shoes mold to their owners’ feet the way that only natural materials and careful design can.


Men's and Women's Casual, Men's Shoes, Shoes, Women's Shoes New York

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BAK USA Tablets assembled in the USA

BAK USA Tablets were created because the Bak family was looking for a location to assemble their purpose built tablets. They had a goal of bringing jobs back to the USA and creating an affordable PC Tablet to be used around the world in educational and industrial applications. After much thought they decided on Buffalo New York for some very strategic reasons. They now employ a very diverse workforce in Buffalo and many members of this workforce had been on the employment sidelines for quite awhile. BAK USA is a result of private investment combined with a local government opportunity […]


Educational Products, Handheld Data, Mobile Commercial, Tablets Assembled not New York

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Between the sheets American Made Lingerie

Between the Sheets Lingerie

Between the Sheets Lingerie of New York Between the Sheets Lingerie designs and manufactures two brands of lingerie and loungewear in Manhattan’s historic garment center. In an industry saturated by overseas manufacturing we are dedicated to supporting US manufacturing.


Lingerie, Swimwear, Underwear, Women's Clothing, Women's Sleepwear New York

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BLCouture Bridal made in the USA


We make The ONE Dress that can be worn 100 ways.  We make the dress in sizes toddler to grandma.  We do not charge extra for plus sizes.  We source all of our fabrics in America from New York and California.  We have been making The ONE Dress for 15 years locally.  We have been selling online for 4 years.  We ship all over the world.  We make the dress in 76 colors. They come matte or shiny. We also make lace overlays and mesh tulle overlays for the dresses. There are endless possibilities in the ways that this dress can […]


Bridal Gowns, Formal women's clothing California, New York

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Blouse House women's clothing made in the USA

Blouse House

Blouse House women’s plus size clothing is trendy fashion for women of all ages. The product line features plus-size tops, tunics, blouses, pull-overs, cover-ups, pants, and accessories. Blouse House distinguishes themselves from everyone else by providing stellar customer service, great product selections, being American made and an excellent online shopping experience. We think you will see we carry a full line of plus size fashions representing many reputable brand names you may already know. The main brand we offer is A Personal Touch™ we are proud to carry the largest selection found online from Personal Touch plus-size clothing. Editors Note: […]


Clothing, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops and Shirts Massachusetts, New York

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Boom Cups disposable cups made in the USA

Boom Cups disposable cups made in the USA are all the rage at parties and BBQ’s. Each Boom cup come with a great drink recipe printed right on the cup. With these great American made disposal cups you will be host and bartender all in one. Boom cups come printed with the following cocktail recipes right on them: Cosmo, Long Island Iced-T, Manhattan, Margarita and F-BOOM. You add the ice then simply fill the cup to the labeled lines with the ingredients for the drink. No need for shot glasses or shakers it is all done in the Boom Cup. […]


All Kitchen Items, Disposable cups made in America, Glasses and Tumblers, Outdoor Cooking and Campfire Cooking Equipment New York

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Bren New York Cosmetics and Skincare

Bren New York Cosmetics and Skincare of New York. Discover your look with Bren Cosmetics. Our stylish makeup and skincare rival the world’s top designer brands and includes: anti-aging, bath and body, cosmetics / makeup, functional skin correctors, skin care and special spa treatments. All of our products are made in the USA.


Cosmetics New York

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CAR-FRESHNER Corporation is still a family owned business and is still headquartered in Watertown, New York. CAR-FRESHNER produces the LITTLE TREES air fresheners in its three factories in the United States: Watertown, New York; Berlin, New Hampshire; and DeWitt, Iowa. CAR-FRESHNER supplies most of the world with US-made Tree-shaped air fresheners.


Auto Air Fresheners Iowa, New Hampshire, New York

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Ceardai is an online store selling American made wrought iron household and outdoor products hand made in New York. Our wide selection of finely crafted products includes wall art, kitchen cabinet hardware and other kitchen accessories, bathroom dcor, plant hangers, garden stakes, curtain rods with coordinated accessories, and much more. Electrical switch and outlet covers are custom made in over 20 decorative silhouettes. House signs and lawn plaques can be personalized with your name or address. Visit today to find the perfect wrought iron piece for your home or garden, proudly made in the USA.


All Kitchen Items, Decorative garden items, Home Decor New York

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ClimateMaster’s role as a domestic energy and geothermal heating and cooling leader extends  back to the late 1950s when the company was first founded in Florida. ClimateMaster was later relocated to New York where it started manufacturing water loop heat pump systems, and finally moved its headquarters to Oklahoma City where it continues to thrive today. For more than 50 years, the company has been developing and producing the industry’s most innovative and energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Throughout its history, ClimateMaster has continued to invest in the value of its U.S.-patented technologies, expansion of its American manufacturing facilities, […]


Geothermal Heat Pumps Florida, New York, Oklahoma

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Corrente Handbags

Corrente Handbags of New York. Corrente Handbags are all about quality in both products – like our leather – and design. Made and sourced in Brooklyn, Corrente handbags are a must for any New York woman. Handbags made in the USA make us proud and our classic leather handbags are a great staple for every woman.


Purses New York

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Crawford of Jamestown

Crawford of Jamestown was founded in 1883. Our company is an established, family owned manufacturer of quality solid wood furniture. All of our wooden pieces feature a RICH 14 to 15-step hand rubbed finish. These pieces consist of 100% solid wood being purchased within a 150-mile radius of our factory locatedin Jamestown, N.Y. Having to deal with the ever-changing seasons of Western New York, our lumber is thought of as the best in the industry. Each wooden piece is constructed to the highest quality and then followed by a rigorous inspection process. Crawford has a wide selection of hardwood furniture […]


All American Made Furniture, Furniture New York

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Dogysheets of NewYork are fitted sheets for Dog beds. Dogysheets are 100% machine wash and dryable! They have fitted elastic seams, and are made here in the US with earth friendly cotton. Protect your dog’s bed from wear and tear and keep it (and your dog) clean! DOGYSHEETS come in different colors, prints and sizes to fit most dog beds. Pamper your best friend with DOGYSHEETS today!

New York

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Earthwise Windows & Doors

Earthwise Windows & Doors are manufactured in the USA by the Earthwise Group, an alliance of U.S. window manufacturers. We are Made in USA-Certified(r). We employ American workers and build with U.S.-sourced products. Earthwise Windows & Doors are distributed by dealers and contractors throughout the country. We also carry the Good Housekeeping Seal and offer a lifetime warranty. Earthwise ENERGY STAR products are the only vinyl windows and patio doors made specifically for our customers’ local climate. This gives our customers the optimum product for a lifetime of worry-free performance.


Doors, Home and Commercial Windows Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia

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Footprint Press Outdoor Recreation Guidebooks

Footprint Press Outdoor Recreation Guidebooks Welcome to our world of outdoors fun. Among these pages you’ll find a wealth of information on where toWe specialize in New York State covering: -the Finger Lakes region -the 1000 Islands region -Central New York State -Saratoga Springs, NY -Western New York State -Lake George, NY


Books New York

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Gothic Cabinet Craft

Gothic Cabinet Craft Located in the heart of New York City since 1969 Gothic Cabinet Craft has been manufacturing unfinished furniture through out the United States of America. From beds to tables we build it all in our 100k square foot factory. Have and idea you want built Gothic offers Custom built as well. When you think made in America furniture think Gothic Cabinet Craft.


All American Made Furniture, Bedroom New York

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Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky Ltd. of New York. Hanky Panky is a better intimate apparel company whose product is coveted by celebrities and everyday women alike. The company was built on “buzz”, and is famous for its “World’s Most Comfortable Thong(R)”. Customers include better department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom as well as better specialty stores, select websites and stores in 52 other countries. Hanky Panky was founded in 1977 by Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, who are still at the helm.


Lingerie, Swimwear, Women's Clothing New York

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Heritage Lace Inc.

Heritage Lace Inc. Manufacturing in North Carolina and Iowa is an integrated textile supplier with state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Oxford, North Carolina, and finishing and shipping facilities in Pella, Iowa. The firm maintains corporate showrooms at 230 Fifth Avenue in New York and the Atlanta Home Textiles center, and exhibits at national and regional trade shows. A leader in design, product innovation and quality since 1983, Heritage features the appeal of tradition in home decor. More than 95% of the line is made in America and sold through independent specialty retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Fabric Iowa, New York, North Carolina

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Humble House Gardens

Humble House Gardens is a small farm located in the NE corner of Niagara County in New York State. The addition of goats in 1998 added a whole new dimension to the farm. Much experimentation to find ways of using the excess milk eventually resulted in the small but still growing line of skin care products currently being offered. Goat’s milk is a natural emollient that helps soothe and moisturize the skin. It contains vitamins A, B6, B12 and E. Goat’s milk has 3 times more beta-casein than cow’s milk and caseins, because of their easy absorption into the skin, […]


Body Soap, Fragrant Soap, Hand Soap, Natural Soap New York

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Hunt Country Furniture

Hunt Country Furniture of New York Since 1926, the Hunt family of skilled craftsmen have designed and manufactured furniture on the grounds of the Hunt  homestead in Wingdale, New York. First, we made it for our neighbors. . . and we’re still making it the same way for you.  !0 year craftsmanship warranty on all items, proudly made in America for over 85 years!


All American Made Furniture, Bedroom, Dining Room, Sofas New York

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Independence Bunting & Flag Corp.

Independence Bunting & Flag Corp. was born through the necessity of having to compete with cheap imports. We were originally in the Christmas Holiday trade when a customer of mine showed me a pleated fan being imported. He asked me if I can make a product that would be able to compete with the price of the import. After experimenting for awhile, I was able to build and patent a machine that can make a much better product and for less cost. We made this product for our customer for a number of years. We then decided to increase our […]


American Flags, American made bunting, Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Party Decorations New York

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JP’s Jewelry Designs

JP’s Jewelry Designs of New York. Did you ever have that one particular outfit you could’nt find the perfect necklace, earrings or bracelet to go with ?  You just couldn’t find the right length or color combination to compliment the outfit ?  See what JPs Jewelry Designs has to offer on etsy.com  and if you still cant find it  request it! Special orders are always welcomed! Etsy Shop Sections include:  American Pride, Bracelets, Childrens Jewelry, Eyeglass Necklaces, Fashion Necklaces, Long Necklaces, Pearl Necklaces, Twister Necklaces, Stretch Bracelets and Stretch Rings.


Jewelry New York

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KD dance

KD dance has been making the finest knit dance wear in the world for over 30 years, Manufacturing all items in New York City. We offer Fashionable, High Quality dance proven durable Leg Warmers, Dance & Yoga Tights, Sexy Dresses, Ballet Tops & Dance Outfits. KD dance New York features the same items seen on Amazon with less expensive shipping options. We encourage people new to our clothes to take advantage of our Free Shipping by ordering less than more. Please try the sizing out and then dive in, instead of ordering big and having to exchange for a different […]


Athletic, Women's Clothing New York

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Prints and Posters made in the USA

LaPointeIllustration Prints and Posters Made in the USA

LaPointeIllustration Prints and Posters Made in the USA. Catherine LaPointe Vollmer is a New York-based freelance illustrator and designer, specializing in book cover design. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Syracuse University. Catherine is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the St. Lawrence County Arts Council. “I prefer working on books for young humans because that is the age when I felt books made the most difference in my life, shaped my thoughts, and opened up whole new worlds. I want to help make that kind of difference in someone […]


Art, Gifts, Home Decor New York

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lazyman Gas Grills made in the USA


lazyman  The company began as a family business in 1932 as Chicago Combustion Corporation. The founder, Louis McGlaughlin, introduced the first gas-fired broiler at the 1939 World”s Fair in New York. These first commercial units added a unique charcoal flavor to restaurant cooking and became the platform for the outdoor gas-fired barbecue grill. It has always been our desire to manufacture gas-fired barbecues that would stand the test of time and set us apart from the competition.


Barbecue Grills, BBQ Grills New York

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Liberty Tabletop®

Liberty Tabletop® is Americas Flatware Company™.   Our flatware is made right here in New York at our factory, Sherrill Manufacturing.  We are the only flatware manufacturer still operating in the United States.  Sherrill Manufacturing is a family run business and was founded back in 2005 when we bought the Oneida Ltd. manufacturing site here in upstate New York.  Now with our own brand, Liberty Tabletop, we offer a range patterns all made with the finest 18-10 stainless steel.  The stainless steel we use is also certified 100% Made in USA ensuring safety for you and your family.  Our plant is […]


Flatware and Silverware New York

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Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep of New York. A Memory Foam Mattress With Amazing Comfort, Great Support and 100% Made in the USA.


Mattresses New York

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Margaret Winters

Margaret Winters of New York City creates elegant clothing designed for comfort, fit and modern lifestyles. Margaret Winters clothing is designed for women of all ages and sizes. And they are made in the USA by hard-working people who make a fair wage.


Formal women's clothing, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops and Shirts New York

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ModCraft, we design and hand manufacture ceramic tile in our Beacon, New York studio. We are known for the modern and contemporary feel of our tile which is created by the subtle dimensionality of the tile surface.  This dimensionality lets the designer, architect, contractor, and homeowner create stunning spaces in retail locations,  hospitality and restaurants, private residences to larger building projects.


Tile New York

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National Textile Industries

National Textile Industries, has been supplying broadcloth and trimmings since 1958, when Sal Gagliano and his father Thomas launched the small trimming house, National Bias Binding, on the lower east side of New York City. Today , National Textile Industries converts poly cotton broadcloth for every imaginable manufacturer from home furnishings to medical products. In addition, our bias binding division produces approximately 295 million yards of trimming a year. National Textile Industries has developed an unsurpassed reputation in the industry for our quality fabric and our in stock program of over 150 solid colors.


Fabric New York

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Natural Choice Corporation

Natural Choice Corporation  Bottleless Water Coolers for Home & Office to quench your thirst.  Enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot, and even sparkling water.  Never buy Bottled Water again. Background on Natural Choice Corporation – Started in a garage in 1990, in Rockford, Illinois, James B. Knoll and his son, George Knoll, developed alternatives to Bottled Water, and have won awards and patents for their innovative water filtration technology. Since 1990, Natural Choice Water has developed innovative drinking water solutions, including the award-winning ION Bottleless Water Cooler.  Innovative features includes – SleepMode energy saving for evenings and weekends; Sparkling […]


Water Coolers Illinois, New York

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Nikita Indoor Outdoor Convertible Furniture

Nikita Indoor Outdoor Convertible Furniture Made in Otsego County, upstate New York. Custom built affordable convertible furniture that fits every environment. Nikita’s patented infinite recline design allows you to “just lean back” to a balanced and relaxed position. Lean back all the way and the sofabed becomes a stable platform bed. Nikita makes a variety of chaise lounges, chairs and ottomans that fit together to become sleepers. Contemporary modern, Danish modern style design. Outdoor furniture is white oak or mahogany with Sunbrella or Outdura fabrics. All our furniture is made in the USA of hard woods with lumber from FSC […]


All American Made Furniture, Furniture, Patio New York

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NoNetz of New York has decided to turn against the American People and send their manufacturing to China, oddly enough they did not lower their prices. Disgusting they are traitors! Leave them on the shelf! The advice to have them made in China they blame on the TV show Shark Tank, guess we know what not to watch.

Men's Clothing, Swimwear New York

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Ontario Knives

Ontario Knives •Manufacturer of premium quality, American-made fixed blades and other tools •  Supplier of knives and tools to the US military since World War I • Sole producer of bayonets for  the US Marine Corps • International distribution to over 25 countries • Operating in upstate New  York since 1889


Hunting Knives, Pocket Knives, and Self Defense, Knives, Utility Knives New York

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Pairpoint Glass

Pairpoint Glass, America’s oldest glassworks, founded in 1837. For well over a century, Pairpoint glass has graced the tables, cabinets and shelves of some of America’s finest homes.Pairpoint Glassworks American glass is among the most valuable glass in the world and among the best of the best in glassware, made by Pairpoint. Examples of Pairpoint’s timeless designs can be found in the decorative arts collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.


Home Decor New York

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PonyBabe Comfy Cozy American Made Clothing

PonyBabe Comfy Cozy American Made Clothing

PonyBabe comfy cozy American made clothing makes versatile clothing for women. Our first collection, the 24 Hour Outfit, is four simple styles including pants, a tank top, a cardigan and a wrap. The styles come in a neutral color palette and are meant to me mixed, matched, and combined with your pre-exisiting wardrobe. Inspired by yoga, the clothes are perfect for expecting/new mothers, creative professionals, active women, and eco-fashionistas. We use premium organic cotton and bamboo fabric, and manufacture the clothes in Brooklyn, NY. We are committed to transparency, sustainability, and investing in the American economy.


American Made Fitness Clothing, Athletic, Clothing, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops and Shirts New York

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Primelite Manufacturing Corp.

Primelite Manufacturing Corp.  of New York sells residential and commercial lighting fixtures to distributors across the nation. We specialize in gooseneck sign lights, street lighting, posts, and pendant globes. Almost everything is customizable by dimension, color, light type, and hardware. We have a distributor locator on our webpage and a link to an online lighting store. Let’s light up America together.


Lighting Fixtures New York

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R.WIREworks, Inc.

R.WIREworks, Inc. of  New York produces display racks for magazines, books, newspapers, DVD’s, CD’s.  Chances are, the last time you looked at or purchased a book or magazine at your favorite retail location, the racks they were displayed in were made at our facility.  We drop ship racks, one at a time, nationwide and in Canada.


Retail Displays New York

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Redding Reloading Equipment

Redding Reloading Equipment for rifles, handguns, pistols, revolvers, custom dies, bullet casting equipment, powder measuring and weighing equipment, bullet seating dies. We are proud to continue our path of growth here in New York State, where we create jobs and opportunity by selling our American Made reloading products throughout the world. We are equally proud to serve you, our customer who understands and appreciates that important difference as well.ell.


American Made Reloading Equipment New York

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Remington Arms Company, Inc

Remington Arms Company, Inc”., headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturers. Remington is the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles.


Guns, Hunting and Sporting Shotguns, Rifles made in the USA New York

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Roger + Chris

Roger + Chris The best thing about lighting made in the USA? It doesn’t have to be mass produced and generic. Our unique lighting – everything from table lamps to floor lamps to pendants and sconces – is all hand-made in Upstate New York. We use quality materials like solid brass, polished nickel, and marble to create pieces that will look amazing for years to come. Better yet, because we build each lamp one at a time, we can customize it just for you. Details like antique-style cloth cords are available in dozens of colors, and we’re happy to adjust […]


Lighting Fixtures New York

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Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel of New York offers the highest quality Made in USA apparel. We are committed to following all fair labor standards and practices so you can feel more comfortable wearing our apparel. USA Made apparel is made sweat shop free since 1992. You can trust that all of our products are made to make you feel like Royalty every time you shop our wholesale collection.


Children's Clothing, Tee Shirts, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing New York

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Salaam of Vermont and New York makes clothing for Women and Men – Made In the USA The Salaam clothing line is based out of Plainfield, Vermont and has evolved into a versatile, reliable brand with widespread national popularity. The company wholesales to over 600 boutiques around the United States, including the Salaam retail shops. Salaam creates timeless designs cut from the finest European fabrics and is manufactured in the USA and remains a Vermont owned company.


Clothing, Dresses, Men's Pants, Wholesale Clothing Companies, Women's casual clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops, Women's Tops and Shirts New York, Vermont

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Scrub Ink

Scrub Ink After watching a sea of nurses walking past their office window, Rodger and Dalia (a father-daughter duo) couldn’t help but notice how they all looked very similar. Rodger, having 30 years of experience in the garment industry, and Dalia an award winning graphic designer knew there had to be a way to combine fashion and personality to the classic uniform, without compromising professional appearance. Since 1950, Rodger and Dalia’s family has been manufacturing in the garment center. They have shipped to large corporations, small businesses, and individuals with pride and care. From the onset of their careers, they […]


Scrubs New York

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Shapes Etc.

Shapes Etc. of New York creates inexpensive, innovative, time-saving products that inspire creativity in children of all ages! Shapes Etc. is the original die-cut notepad company in the educational marketplace. Since 1984, we have been developing time-saving products that inspire creativity for teachers, parents and children. We are a woman-owned company, located in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.


Educational Products New York

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SHUT is New York City’s first skateboard company, making decks and gear since 1986 designed for skating the toughest of city streets. SHUT Skateboards are proudly Made in the USA from the highest quality materials available, and come in an array of shapes and sizes for all styles of skating.


Skateboards New York

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Steinway & Sons Pianos made in the USA

Steinway & Sons have been making pianos made in the USA since 1853. This amazing company like so many in America was founded by a German immigrant Henry Engelhard. From this humble beginning Steinway pianos made in the USA are favored by nearly all concert artist. Piano making is an art that skilled craftsman hand down to the next generation one person at a time. Steinway pianos made in the USA are constructed with more than twelve thousand parts with each piano heaving it’s own character sound. Steinway pianos are available in upright and true grand models. These pianos are […]


Musical Instruments, Pianos Made in the USA New York

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hangers made in the USA

Strongest Coat Hanger In The World is Made in the USA

The world’s strongest coat hanger is made in the USA. The company is actually named “The Worlds Strongest Coat Hanger” and they believe in protecting your investment in clothing and equipment by using a good strong hanger. Their hangers are so strong they can support scuba equipment, fishing waders, law enforcement body armor, fire fighters turn out gear and of course your everyday clothes and suits. Visit their site and watch the video and you will also see they proudly proclaim American made and the hangers can be ordered directly from their site in a variety of colors.


American Made Clothing Accessories, Garment Hangers, Laundry Tools New York

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T.Walker based in New York is a men’s flannel shirt company based out of Brooklyn and made in New York City. It is a collection of rugged yet refined, 100% cotton shirts made from classic prints-with a slightly tailored fit. Whether traveling the world or staying local, the T. Walker shirt can easily go from workweek to weekend. Just toss our shirt in your bag and travel anywhere.


Men's Clothing New York

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Tic-Tac-Toes We invite you to enter our site and view our Square Dance Shoes, Shagging Shoes, Organist Shoes, Choir Shoes, Chorus Shoes, Latin Dancing Shoes, Ballroom Shoes, Mens Dancing Shoes and Theatrical Shoes. Tic-Tac-Toes shoes and boots for men and women are manufactured in our own modern factory in Gloversville, New York, USA! We do not import uppers; we do not import labor; we do not import shoes! You can order in confidence our American sizes and widths in your normal street shoe size. No conversions from European, British, French or Chinese sizing methods are necessary.


dance and formal shoes New York

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Tigercandy Arts

Tigercandy Arts is an inventive American company founded by dedicated visual artists, art educators and authors. We believe that all people have a need to express their inherent creativity regardless of age, experience, or ability. This is reflected in our designs that make fun, beauty and sense of joy and accomplishment of art-making and creative play accessible to all, while stretching the limits of imagination and fostering the artist within. We specialize in handmade, couture sock puppets called Socketts®; Custom made portrait & character sock puppets;  Original, process-oriented, puppet making kits; Classes & one day workshops featuring puppet making & other 3 dimensional art forms. We are also available for art parties,  coorporate […]


Toys New York

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To Shea™ American Made Pet Products

To Shea™ American Made Pet Products For Dogs and Cats Made in the USA provide all natural, wholesome, delicious, healthy pet treats using only human grade ingredients.Our products will always be Made in the USA


American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog Treats Made in the USA, Pet Treats New York

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Tough Traveler Ltd.

Tough Traveler Ltd. has over 35 years of experience making wonderful bags, luggage & packs in upstate New York! We make a wide variety of models, but what makes them special? Well, in addition to being attractive and useful, we focus on some essentials of quality. We use exceptionally durable, USA-made materials, such as YKK zippers & 1000 d. Cordura. We use the highest standards of workmanship, such as triple-stitched stress points and high stitch-count. Our designs are based on what we would want to use ourselves, for maximum convenience. And every one of our bags is made in America. […]


Bags, Luggage and Bags New York

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Union Shirts

Union Shirts, we are passionate about USA made products and very proud of our GCIU decorators and we only ship UPS(Teamsters). Do you need Custom made garments for your local or organization? If you want to design them online start in our online design studio. If you want us to do it start by getting a USA made t-shirt quote here. If you just need some pre made goods head over to our sister site for USA and Union Gear. Or heck we would love to here from you call 1-800-836-2413 M-F;9-5 Eastern


Men's Clothing, Men's Shirts, Tee Shirts, Women's Clothing, Women's Tops and Shirts New York

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Whitedressshirts.com of Baltimore is an American Company that started in 2001 with a simple yet unique streamline process that finally allows an American company to compete with China and all of the other foreign government subsidized garment companies! Unbeknownst to the general public, many of your favorite “American Designers” do not produce any of their products in the USA. Founder Jeff Fletcher’s story starts at JP Stevens Co Inc… At the time, the largest America Textile company in the world, Jeff honed his skills as a textile designer, designing fabrics for the fashion trade including the likes of Liz Claiborne, […]


Men's Clothing New York

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Wild Apples

Wild Apples workshop has been creating wooden toys for more than 30 years. Wild Apples specializes in wooden animals and Noah’s Arks. Situated in the heart of New York State’s Finger Lakes region we use local hardwoods including cherry, oak and walnut.


Toys, Toys made in America New York

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Woven Art & Beyond LLC

Woven Art & Beyond LLC  Most of our Jacquard Woven Products are made in North Carolina, South Carolina; our ECO Friendly Organic products in California, our other USA home decor in Wisconsin (Denali), our art stained glass has some made in New York, etc. Our online store offers you 1-stop shopping for a wide variety of Fine Wovens, Licensed Art Tapestry, Wall Decor, ECO Lifestyle Products, Customizing, Personalizing, etc. We strive to deliver only Quality Crafted USA Made Products. 100% Guaranteed. Quality, Craftsmanship & Service at Affordable Prices !


Art California, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin

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Zip-Ez™ Insulation Fasteners

Zip-EZ™ all-purpose insulation fasteners are Plenum-Rated fasteners designed for but not limited to the HVAC industry. Zip-Ez™ all-purpose fasteners are the new revolutionary way of installing duct wrap and reflective insulation.


Building Materials, Insulation New York

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