Please try to support American Workers and your neighbor by only purchasing products Made in the USA or more specifically your own home State from the directory below. If you know of a good American Made Product Made in your home state not on the list use the Submit Product Form for consideration of listing here.


Alside is a manufacturer and distributor of vinyl replacement and new construction windows, siding, soffit and trim. With seven U.S.manufacturing plants and over 95 company-owned supply center, they employ 3500+ American workers. For more information on Alside products and where to buy them, visit or call 800-922-6009

Home and Commercial Windows, Vinyl Siding Arizona, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Washington

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Anna Bags, LLC

Anna Bags, LLC. American made luxury, a term that is once again being noticed across the globe in the world’s finest boutiques, describes the mission of Anna Bags, LLC. Based in Washington D.C., We work with leather craftsmen across the USA to transform each handbag design, beginning as an oil painting on canvas, into a timeless piece of art under the designer name Anna Orthwein. Within our atelier centuries-old leather crafting techniques are being revived as craftsmen hammer seams and skive edges to achieve a fine, elegant finishing. Our commitment is to make beautiful, finely crafted, exclusive leather handbags for […]

Purses Washington

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Apex Cellars

Apex Cellars is one of Washington’s most respected wineries. Its three brands, Apex, Bridgman and Apex, cover the spectrum of wines from superpremium to super ultrapremium

Wine Washington

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Eco Friendly Baby Furniture made in the USA

Baby Eco Trends – American Made Baby Furniture

Baby Eco Trends – American made baby furniture is a family owned business specializing in hand made, solid wood, heirloom furniture for babies and children. Our builders source their materials from US suppliers and every component in our products is manufactured in the US. All of our lumber is sustainably grown in the Midwest, kiln dried and hand selected by our builders. Each piece is handmade to order and all work is done by skilled American craftsmen. All glues and adhesives used are water based. We offer standard finishes and paints as well as water based, formaldehyde free finishes and […]

All American Made Furniture, Baby Bedding, Baby Changing Tables, Baby Cribs, Baby furniture, Baby Items, Bunk Beds, Children's, High Chairs, Moses Baskets, Murphy Beds, Recliners, Rockers and Gliders, Toys, Youth Chairs California, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin

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Barnard Griffin Winery

Barnard Griffin Winery is situated in south-central Washington at the confluence of the Yakima, Columbia, and Snake rivers, in the heart of Washington State’s wine country.

Wine Washington

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Bushnell Cycle Design bike parts made in the USA

Bushnell Cycle Design bike parts made in the USA. Aside from creating the world famous Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Bracket, Dennis Bushnell has been building some the lightest weight, high-performance, and unique bikes for as long as…..well I’ll let you figure that out. Dennis was selected to hand-build bicycles for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team. He was also sought out to build the first carbon fiber tandems for Lon Haldeman and Pete Penseyre’s record setting ride across the United States back in 1987. Dennis can claim over 25 years as a Master Frame Builder. Bushnell Cycle Design bike parts made in […]

American Made Bike Accessories, Bike Parts Washington

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Capps Shoe Company, Inc

Capps Shoe Company, Inc.We employ over 175 dedicated, experienced people between our main office and warehouse in Lynchburg, and our factory in Gretna, Va. We use only combination lasts, and offer an extensive array of sizes for women that range from 4 to 13 and widths from 5A to WW. For men, we offer sizes 7 to 16, and widths in C,D,E, 2E and 3E. Quality Our shoemakers are highly skilled men and women with an average experience of over 12 years. Our quality rating with the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia is the highest available. Our shoes are still made […]

Men's Shoes, Shoes, Women's Shoes Washington

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Columbia Crest Winery Columbia

Columbia Crest Winery Columbia we pride ourselves on delivering handcrafted, superior-quality small-lot wines, as well as affordable everyday Washington wines. Our first release in 1984 started a tradition that has established us as one of America’s most popular and fast-growing wineries.

Wine Washington

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Filtrine Drinking

Filtrine Drinking Water products are proudly Made in the USA by highly skill technicians and craftspersons. We have an on-going commitment to insure that at least 71% of product content is of domestic source. Since 1901, our attention to detail and American craftsmanship have given us the reputation for manufacturing the most beautiful and long- lasting drinking water products in the world. This is why specifiers turn to Filtrine when designing some of the highest profile museums and monuments, like the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Drinking Fountains Washington

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Golden Eagle Stove Company

Golden Eagle Stove Company, we have been crafting and manufacturing wood stoves in the U.S. for over 30 years and the Washington Wood Stove is an absolute great value.  You can trust that the Washington will keep your family warm with this powerful, attractive, efficient, and clean burning stove.  With a 2.1 cubic foot firebox, a burn time of up to 7-9 hours, and an efficient design that concentrates the heat to the front of the stove for maximum temperature and to help keep the glass clean, you know that you have made the right choice in wood stoves when […]

Wood Stoves Washington

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InsideStory, LLC

InsideStory Flashcards – Vocabulary Flashcards with fantastic photographs and great stories. Visual learners have never had it so good as the photographs match the meanings of the vocabulary. Teens and kids easily understand how the word is used since each “story” provides a clear context for the featured vocabulary word. InsideStory flashcards are one-of-a-kind educational gifts.

Educational Products Washington

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KASO Plastics

KASO Plastics is a full-service precision injection molder providing a wide variety of molding capabilities. Our knowledge of plastics engineering, material selection and world class production capabilities have made KASO a preferred vendor, and our skilled staff ensures that high quality, close tolerance plastics are manufactured at globally competitive prices.

Injection Molding, Plastic Injection, Plastic Products Washington

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Lacey Door & Millwork

Lacey Door & Millwork of Washington is certified to provide you with FSC  Certified American made custom doors & millwork.

Doors Washington

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Lady and the Carpenter

Lady and the Carpenter of Washington. Kevin’s Quality Clothespins are heavy-duty, beautiful clothespins that are made in the Pacific Northwest. These sturdy, classic style pins are made to last through generations. They are the perfect clothespin for the clothesline or for your craft project.

American Made Clothing Accessories, Household Gadgets Washington

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Ljutic, LLC

Ljutic, LLC. Ljutic’s guns are legendary and are known throughout the world as the leader in personally tailored shotguns. Custom features are built into each Ljutic gun with meticulous craftsmanship and sharp attention to detail. Each gun is hand crafted at the Ljutic manufacturing facility in Yakima, Washington.   Ljutic guns have been used in trapshooting and skeet-shooting competition for years. Success using Ljutic guns is unrivaled, with notable amateur and professional shooters attributing their victories to the precision and accuracy of Ljutic shotguns. Competitively, Ljutic guns have been refined throughout the years. Ingenious techniques have been employed to enhance […]

Hunting and Sporting Shotguns Washington

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ManPans Cookwear

ManPans Cookwear When you unpack your first Manpan, you will be holding an American made product. Every part of our pans are made in our Spokane, Washington manufacturing center. The unique, leading edge design, finish and durability were created by our in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers. We are proud to be in your kitchen.

All Kitchen Items, Cookware Washington

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ManPans USA

ManPans USA  When you unpack your first Manpan, you will be holding an American made product. Every part of our pans are made in our Spokane, Washington manufacturing center. The unique, leading edge design, finish and durability were created by our in-house engineers and built by a trained team of American workers. We are proud to be in your kitchen

All Kitchen Items, Cookware Washington

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Mervin Manufacturing

Mervin Manufacturing is the leading designer and manufacturer of snowboarding and skateboarding products BUILT IN THE USA by people who ride them. Mervin Manufacturing was founded by snowboarders Mike Olson and Pete Saari in 1977. In an industry where virtually every other snowboard company has moved production to China or offshore, Mervin is the longest running and last major snowboard factory in the USA. Based out of Carlsborg, Washington, between the rugged Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges, Mervin is a direct link between riding and manufacturing.

Snowboards Washington

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Morning Dew Candles

Morning Dew Candles of Washington makes handcrafted scented decorative candles in various scents (Forest, Lilac, Lavender, Sea Breeze, Chocolate, Rose, Hazelnut & Gardenia). We also have our original Paint Can Candle Lanterns. Hand-torched patterns surrounds the can, filled with over 3 lbs. of wax. Perfect for outside or inside, 60+ hours of burn time. Refills available. Makes a great gift for home warmings, birthdays or anniversaries.

Candles Washington

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MSR (Mountain Safety Research) of Washington. The only constant in winter is change—changing weather, changing snow conditions and changing terrain. Engineered to get you through it all, MSR® snowshoes are constructed on an unprecedented foundation of all-terrain traction, modular flotation and ergonomic efficiency to carry you confidently through all of winter’s changing moods.

Snowshoes Washington

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Phunnybaggs We Provide Customized Backpacks with unique features. Designed, Tested & Produced in Washington State

Backpacks Washington

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Rane manufactures in the USA because it is the best way for us to produce the musical instruments and professional sound tools our customers demand, respect, and deserve. It simply makes sense. Rane is proud to define, design, manufacture, and support all of our products from our single facility in Mukilteo, Washington USA. Doing so allows us to have a deep understanding of our product, our customer needs, and gives us a superior ability to support our products and react to customer wants and needs.

AMPS, Audio Equipment Washington

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Rivendell Mountain Works

Rivendell Mountain Works have been in production for over a year now, with our vintage day pack line, and have been super pleased with the great enthusiasm our customers have shown for these remakes of the 1979 vintage designs. All of our packs are 100% USA made, at our micro- cottage workshop in Washington State

Backpacks Washington

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Rodriguez Bicycles

Rodriguez Bicycles is a group of 15 people that build bicycles in a small shop in Seattle Washington .  We’ve been out here doing this since 1973, and have really thought through our methods for hand-building a bicycle, and ways of doing so efficiently right here in the United States. While most of our competition has sent their production overseas, or raised their prices through the roof, we’ve studied and changed the methods we use to build, paint and assemble.

Bikes Washington

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Shellz Designs LLC

Shellz Designs LLC. from Washington & Alaska makes the “I’ve Got Your Back Lotion Applicators and Refill pads”. The Lotion Applicator gently applies lotion to your back and other hard to reach areas, The applicator pads are  non-absorbent made of baby flannel for extra softness and can be washed on gentle cycle and air dried. Once you try it you will love it!! Proudly Made In The USA

Skin Care Alaska, Washington

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Simpson Door Company

Simpson Door Company has been making doors from the forest of Washington state since the year 1912. Entire generations of families of craftsman have dedicated their lives to creating the finest doors made in America. Making America’s finest doors is a team effort that requires creativity, engineering, innovation and experience. When you decide to choose door from Simpson, you are getting a finely handcrafted piece for your home.

Building Materials, Doors Washington

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Sound Product Solutions

Sound Product Solutions. The Audio Fox is a wireless speaker system that gives you personal volume control without the isolation and discomfort of headphones. It is a great device for seniors, hard of hearing, gamers, and those who want a personal surround sound experience. The company’s products are proudly made in America. We believe in the importance of keeping manufacturing jobs in this country. With over 50 years of combined experience as small business owners we can clearly state our committment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Adaptive Items and Products, Elder Care Products, Speakers Washington

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Therm-a-Rest of Washington. Seattle-based Cascade Designs, Inc. has been the market leader in premium outdoor comfort for 40 years, designing the finest portable outdoor sleeping and seating solutions available under the Therm-a-Rest brand. The company’s commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures that every product offers unrivaled comfort and reliability. All Therm-a-Rest mattresses are made in the Seattle, U.S.A. For more information on the Therm-a-Rest brand, visit Please check each item as this company also carries imports, however they do a good job of labeling the items.

Camping Mattresses and Cots Washington

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NWVMA makes tee shirts in the USA

Veteran Made Apparel

Veteran Made Apparel, LLC Started in 2015 and is a Pacific Northwest Business. 100% Veteran Owned and Run. We take pride in what we do; from serving our country to our community. Whether you are currently serving in the Military, a proud Veteran, or have never been in the Armed Forces, we are happy to serve you! We specialize in custom orders at competitive rates. We can make a variety of apparel and promotional items with any custom logo or designs! We have a large catalog with a large variety of brands of styles to choose from. Some of the […]

Casual Men's Clothing, Clothing, Men's Clothing, Tee Shirts, Veteran owned American made companies Washington

[...Click to rate and comment...] What can be more American than a book about REAL American heroes written by Americans and printed in America? Here it is: 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet, an award-winning book featured in USA Today. Dr. Dennis Denenberg, one of the co-authors, was also interviewed live on CNN Live. Since its initial publication in 2001 and the revised version in 2006, this book has garnered over 50,000 fans around the US. It is easy to read, and the format of the book is engaging for both kids and adults. It tells short stories about 50+ great men and […]

Books, Educational Products Washington

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Northwest Natural Products

Northwest Natural Products located in Washington redefined the dietary supplement industry with the introduction of tasty and natural gummy-based vitamins, made right here in the USA. With over 142 items that cover the full spectrum of dietary supplements, L’il Critters® for children and Vitafusion® for adults, we offer innovative delivery systems to facilitate absorption and make vitamins taste good to a wide audience.

Vitamins and Supplements Washington

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