Arbor Original by Auer-Jordan American Made Arbors

Arbor Original by Auer-Jordan American Made Arbors

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Arbor Original by Auer-Jordan American Made Arbors. Why purchase an Auer Jordan Arbor?

  • Our architect designed brackets and lath are appropriate for most every home style.
  • Our design allows you to add an arbor to any garage door or window to provide an appealing focal point that is in scale with your existing home design.
  • Our arbors can be painted, stained or clear coated.
  • Our arbors are easy to install. We provide installation recommendations and specify the simple screws and/or lag bolts you can easily purchase at your local hardware store or lumber yard.
  • Our arbors are an affordable way to distinguish your home and add curb appeal.
  • Our arbors designs work well with a vine or hanging basket. But, they are so beautifully designed; you may just want to leave it unadorned!
  • What makes our components better?

  • The components are made from dry white Port Orford cedar from southern Oregon, the hardest of all the cedars.
  • We use only the finest clear lumber, free of any knots.
  • All components are hand crafted in our shop in Healdsburg, California.
  • We practice only conventional assembly methods. Our brackets feature mortise and tenon joints and powder coated deck screws with matching cedar plugs.
  • We never use nails or hide the joinery behind primer as do some other.
  • The arbor components are fine sanded and ready for your choice of finish.
  • We custom cut the lath to your order.
  • Want more information?

    Call us toll free at 1-866-217-4476 to discuss your project.

    You many also email us a photo of your intended installation location along with the distance from the outside trim to outside trim and we will calculate the components you need and provide you a quote.

    Check out the great photos of customer installations from all over the US on our web site!

    Proudly made in the USA!
    Cedar grown in southern Oregon • Hand crafted in Northern California

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