B. Searcy and Co All American Double Rifles


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B. Searcy and Co All American Double Rifles. For over 30 years now Butch Searcy has been making rifles of all types. You may have seen one of his products at a silhouette or bench-rest match. B. Searcy & Co’s specialty is the big-bore double rifle, which is used dangerous game hunting in Africa.

Great American made guns are constructed of the best material by skilled craftsmen. Searcy rifles feature CNC-machined receivers of 416 stainless steel, add PAC-NOR barrels, with fine wood from Jim Preslick or Luxus walnut co. and of course sights from New England Custom Guns. Searcy rifles are manufactured in Boron, California, a small desert community hundred miles northeast of LA. While other doubles may be assembled in the United States on German or Italian actions, only the Searcy rifle can be described as “all American.”

B. Searcy and Co All American Double Rifles

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