Big Bear Firepower; When It Absolutely Has To Be Destroyed When Reliability, Accuracy, and Knockdown Power Is Critical; Big Bear Firepower’s Ripper ammunition exceeds the standard by utilizing the industries best components. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using only 100% US components ssembled in Montana by our veteran owned small business. Big Bear Firepower produces factory new personal defense and match grade target ammunition with the consistency of the best hand loads. For serious shooters, BBFP Ammunition is the ideal choice for defense handguns and law enforcement. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable Remington Winchester and Top Brass cases.
All of our Ripper ammunition is made in Montana with Hornady Extreme Terminal Performance bullets, Barnes Mil/LE bullets, or Rim Rock Hard Cast Semi Wad Cutter lead bullets. Our match grade target ammunition is made with Montana Gold bullets manufactured here in Kalispell, Montana Whether you are looking for a round for personal defense from an attacker or Dangerous Game, Big Bear Firepower has you covered with our Rippers Ammunition product line. Engineered for maximum reliability, damage, and stopping power.

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