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The Blacks Creek Story. 20 years ago, Blacks Creek Guide Gear was only a distant vision for a young couple that was searching for the “American Dream” of business ownership.  The concept started one Christmas buying season when the perfect affordable “Gift” could not be located, therein, sparking the idea of building and marketing an equine product line that was functionally better than anything available in the current market.  This product line was introduced and accepted by the consumers as an affordable alternative and we are proud to say that many years later those products are still in use today.  Over time, other outdoor related product lines were created and introduced into the Blacks Creek line-up and strategically we molded ourselves into our current niche market of Archery/Hunting based products.  In 1997, we moved our US production overseas in an effort to stay competitive with competing companies in our industry.  We were confident that we would continue
designing, building and delivering the highest quality products available at an affordable price. In March of 2011, a corporate decision was made to bring all manufacturing back to the US. All signs pointed to that decision being the right one for Blacks Creek.  By bringing our production home, we have been able to stimulate our economy by creating jobs, by support companies in the US who provide hardware, fabrics and other raw materials needed for
production and by using sub-contractors who specialize in plastics, metal and foam.  We were also able to create an environment where we could deliver product year round and introduce “New” products throughout the year as well as diversifying our products into other outdoor related markets.  We are excited about the future of Remedy 7 Gear by Blacks Creek “USA” and are thankful to everyone who supports our brand.

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