Brahms Mount blankets made in the USA

Brahms Mount blankets

American made Blankets, Bedding

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Brahms Mount blankets, throws and baby blankets are woven from propriety yarns on Crompton and Knowles W3 shuttle looms. This type of loom dates from the 1940’s and
formed the backbone of the Industrial revolution of this country. They produce selvedges that cannot unravel or be aesthetically obtained on modern equipment. We hand fold the edges on all sides and securely sew them in place. This feature avoids the use of attached bindings. Furthermore it ensures long life to our products. Depending upon the style, an individual Queen size blanket contains upwards of 5.80lbs of pure Cotton. Linen blankets are slightly
weightier. This is an important consideration in our design process since we wish to provide the drape and ” hand” essential to a good nights sleep.

2 thoughts on “Brahms Mount blankets”

  1. Pearlie Mae Rigdon says:

    Do you have electric blankets made in America?

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Thank you for visiting the directory of American Made products. I have never been able to locate an Electric blanket made in the USA. Sorry about that and wish we had better news for you.

      Please come back and visit the our page often as we are always adding more great products made here.


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