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Dura Lube. Originally introduced in 1986, Dura Lube was intended as a special engine treatment for the trucking industry. Incredibly, the reports began to come in on Dura Lube’s amazing attributes. Because of these reports, a decision was made to bring the product to the general automotive consumer market.

An infomercial was produced in 1992, using no actors, only “real people”, such as mechanics, race car drivers and average car owners. The excitement generated by this concept served as a springboard for the entire infomercial campaign. The drama of live demonstrations provided the consumers with an iron clad, credible testimonial to the incredible aspects of Dura Lube.

On the heels of the successful infomercial, Dura Lube was rolled out into the retail industry in the spring of 1993. Dura Lube then added comprehensive retail support with a North American ad campaign tagging retailers with 30 second TV commercials, infomercials, radio promotions, and a multi million-dollar NASCAR corporate sponsor ship program, which included Title sponsorship of 2 Winston cup races and a primary sponsorship of the Dura Lube NASCAR Busch Grand National Race Car.

In 2005, Dura Lube underwent an ownership and management change to help control the rapid growth both domestically and internationally. Although the formula has never changed the competition still tries to mimic the success and great products of Dura Lube. Our commitment to customer service and overall belief that Dura Lube is the best lubricants on the market place is indisputable. Thank you for choosing Dura Lube, you will not be disappointed. Dura Lube is proudly made in the USA

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