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Kala Brand Music Co. handmade Ukulele made in the USA. From the Kala Brand Music Company’s shop in Petaluma, California comes the Kala Elite USA Series Ukulele, which is handmade. Each Kala Elite American made Ukulele is an unique individual, starting from the hand-picked wood. Kala Music Co. is very proud to introduce the American made Kala Elite to ukulele players around the world.

Editior’s Notes; In reviewing this company one gets a sense they are into quality American Made items and do a pretty good job of informing visitors which products are American made. During the review there were several products described as Entry Level and Affordable. These items did not say they were imported but they also failed to mention American Made either. As always we suggest asking questions, double check in order to make sure you are spending your hard earned dollars on American Made items.

Thanks to Arielle for letting us know about this company and many others. Grassroots efforts like this rely on people like Arielle to get the word out.

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