Kokomo Opalescent Glass Made in the USA

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Made in the USA


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Kokomo Opalescent Glass Made in the USA. This great American company Kokomo Opalescent Glass (KOG) incredibly been operating in their current location of 1310 S. Market Street in Kokomo, Indiana since 1888. This is because beauty is a valuable commodity regardless of what the year is. Because Beauty is always in demand and using only the best, handcrafted techniques still prove to create the most beautiful glass made in the USA products in the world.

Not only does KOG make glass art pieces they also specialize in hand making colored sheet glass also known as Art Glass, which is very different from stained glass, which is painted glass. Art glass if created not plain glass that has been painted. Please visit the site to get a wealth of information about Art Glass made in the USA.

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